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Once Upon a Time: Sergio Leone (2001)
UK / English
Carla Leone Herself
Piero De Bernardi Himself
Enrico Medioli Himself
Arnon Milchan Himself
Stuart Kaminsky Himself
Quentin Tarantino Himself
Raffaella Leone Herself
Scott Tiler Himself
James Woods Himself
Leonardo Benvenuti Himself
Francesca Leone Herself
Howard Hill Narrator (voice)
Director: Howard Hill
Producer: Janne Schack
Writer: Howard Hill
Not very insightful, although the James Woods interview is good
An excerpt of this documentary based on Sergio Leone's life is included on the two-disc "Once Upon a Time in America" Director's Cut DVD. Unfortunately it seems very amateur, the interviews are poorly edited, repetitive and contain little insight; and worst of all, the people interviewed themselves had little to do with the film's production.

Perhaps the most interesting story is the one which one of the film's co-writers tells about Leone's peculiar requests in regards to scriptwriting methods.

I also enjoyed the James Woods interview segment, in which he explains how a critic that called "America" the worst film of 1984 later saw the director's cut version and named it the best movie of the entire decade.

Overall, there are some good bits like these, but a lot of the documentary could have been cut down/edited and more interesting anecdotes and interviewees could have been selected.

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Imdb rating: 5.4
Running time: 20 min / UK
Subtitles: inga
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