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Money Train (1995)
USA / English
"Get on, or GET OUT THE WAY! "
A vengeful New York transit cop decides to steal a trainload of subway fares; his foster brother, a fellow cop, tries to protect him.
Wesley Snipes John
Woody Harrelson Charlie
Jennifer Lopez Grace Santiago
Robert Blake Donald Patterson
Chris Cooper Torch
Joe Grifasi Riley
Scott Sowers Mr. Brown
Skipp Sudduth Kowalski
Vincent Laresca Subway Robber
Nelson Vasquez Subway Robber
Vincent Patrick Frank the Bartender
Aida Turturro Woman on Platform
Alvaleta Guess Woman on Platform
Vincent Pastore Gambler
David Tawil Gambler
Director: Joseph Ruben
Producer: Neil Canton,Jon Peters
Writer: Doug Richardson,Doug Richardson
The movie doesn't have much of a plot but it's still a pretty entertaining movie. Which features great performances from the cast. It's nice for a Saturday night at the movies.

3(***)out of 4(****)stars

Seen it:Nej
Nr of disks/tapes:2
Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 5.1
Musician: Melissa Etheridge
Running time: 110 min (Ontario)
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Dolby Digital 5.1 [English]
Everything else:
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