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Masjävlar (2004)
Sweden / Swedish
Mia, who's living in Stockholm, comes home to her small childhood town to celebrate her father's birthday...
Sofia Helin Mia
Kajsa Ernst Eivor
Ann Petrén Gunilla
Barbro Enberg Barbro
Joakim Lindblad Jan-Olof
Inga Ålenius Anna
Willie Andréason Calle
Lars-Gunnar Aronsson Ingvar
Peter Jankert Tommy
Maja Andersson Ida
Alf Nilsson Tore
Lisa Åmwall Margot
Anders Bjernulf Bjernulf
Lars Gunnar Björklund Spelman
Cecilia Forss Helena
Martin Heningsson Johan
Anders Nygårds Spelman
Anita Nyman Kerstin
Elin Pålsson Stina
Sofia Rönnegård Brita i blomsteraffären
Director: Maria Blom
Producer: Lars Jönsson
Writer: Maria Blom
Same old...
Maria Blom's debut is not bad, but the this movie is so much alike other Swedish movies in this genre. It seems to be a trend in Sweden now to illustrate the countryside and the cultural difference between the city and the country. In "Masjävlar" Mia represents the city, visiting rural Rättvik after 15 years in Stockholm. Still, this is not a bad movie. It is labeled as a comedy, but the tragic side of it develops gradually. The acting is great, all the three sisters are fabulously portrayed, especially Kajsa Ernst as Eivor. If you haven't seen "Grabben i graven bredvid" or "Såsom i himmelen" this movie will be quite enjoyable, if you have seen them, the situation will seem old.

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Storage device:Divx 4
Imdb rating: 6.6
Musician: Anders Nygårds
Running time: 98 min
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