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Mail Order Wife (2004)
USA / English
"Because no one wants to be alone. "
A documentarian funds a NYC doorman's Asian mail order bride in exchange for the right to film the experience.
Andrew Gurland Andrew
Eugenia Yuan Lichi
Adrian Martinez Adrian
Deborah Teng Deborah
Oro Benzriheim Oro - Mother
Jose Canseco Himself
Natalie Caron Natalie
Charles Debold Himself
Krista Gall Dinner Guest
Luke Geissbuhler Himself
John Gramaglia The editor
Merritt Janson Merritt
Dan Johnson Himself
Sam Lisenco Skater
David Mayer Himself
Paul Thornton Curt Botko
Roland Uruci Roland uruci
Director: Huck Botko,Andrew Gurland
Producer: Avram Ludwig,Kendall Morgan,Andrew Weiner,Nina Yang
Writer: Huck Botko,Andrew Gurland
Adrian Martinez
offered a very fine performance in this movie. He played a very convincing scum-bag. Had someone seeing this movie never seen him before, you would almost believe that he WAS the Adrian Martin character he portrayed, even that he WAS doorman. If you were to look at this performance apart from the other sometimes smaller, and sometimes more forgettable roles that he has also played, you can see elements of an actor that really absorbs a role, as opposed to just offering up a performance. Hopefully his talent will be recognized, and we'll get to see much, much more of him. Overall, the movie was OK, and a tiny bit believable as a documentary. However, the performance of Eugenia Yuan and Adrian Martinez, this film would never have had the endearing qualities that made it entertaining.

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Imdb rating: 5.9
Running time: 92 min
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