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Lords of Dogtown (2005)
USA / English
"They came from nothing to change everything. "
The film follows the surf and skateboarding trends that originated in Venice, California during the 1970's.
John Robinson Stacy
Emile Hirsch Jay
Rebecca De Mornay Philaine
William Mapother Donnie
Julio Oscar Mechoso Mr. Alva
Victor Rasuk Tony
Nikki Reed Kathy Alva
Heath Ledger Skip
Vincent Laresca Chino
Brian Zarate Montoya
Pablo Schreiber Stecyk
Elden Henson Billy Z
Michael Angarano Sid
Mitch Hedberg Urethane Wheels Guy
Benjamin Nurick Browser
Director: Catherine Hardwicke
Producer: John Linson
Writer: Stacy Peralta
I Liked This Better When It Came Out Six Years Ago And Was Called "Dogtown and Z-Boys"!
Basically a big screen/big budget remake of 2001's popular and award-winning documentary "Dogtown and Z-boys", 2005's over-hyped and amateurish box-office stinker "Lords of Dogtown" offers little to anyone in my opinion besides the directors' die-hard fans from her directorial debut in early 2003 entitled "Thirteen", which played like an unnecessary and unwanted sequel to 1995's sleazy kiddie drug-and-sex fest "KIDS", and or perhaps the big-time skateboarding enthusiasts and riders out there who live for anything and everything that involves the popular counter-culture sport. Stacey Peralta should in all honesty be ashamed with himself as he was the one that co-scripted this mess in the first place...after two other directors dropped out that is *rolls eyes*! And for anyone who doesn't know this bit of trivia, apparently former rap rocker and all around low-life degenerate Fred Durst was one of those two directors with the other being a supposed friend of his, "Fight Club" director David Fincher! Overall, it's blatantly apparent to me that this movie was little more than a means for Peralta to make a few quick bucks off of his somewhat extraordinary life story and the stories of his fellow Z-Boys since the success and interest of "Dogtown and Z-Boys" has died down more than five years after it was made! Peralta was of course a Z-Boy himself and one of the few without drug and alcohol problems and a criminal record a mile long *cough* Jay Adams *cough*. Thankfully this flick went down in flames a la tanked in box office terms shortly after being released in theaters about this time last year, and has hence been virtually forgotten by all spare a small group of people many of whom have already written numerous glowing reviews over this crap film before mine! (Turkey-Zero Stars)

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Imdb rating: 6.7
Musician: Mark Mothersbaugh
Running time: 107 min
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