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The Listening (2006)
Italy / English
Estranged by the degree of corporate influence within the largest U.S. listening station in the world, an aging NSA officer defects and mounts a clandestine counter-listening station high in the Italian alps.
Terence Beesley John Strobel
Michael Parks James Wagley
Maya Sansa Francesca
Andrea Tidona Gianni Longardo
James Parks Anthony Ashe
Bruce McGuire Phil Kovacs
Matt Patresi Guglia Graef
Vincent Riotta Vaughan
Carla Cassola Tina Longardo
Marc Fiorini Lehmann
Giulia Bernardini Katherine Palmer
Adam O'Neill Louis Perry
Fabrice Scott Hamilton
Claudia Zanella Annamaria
Jay Natelle Bryden
Director: Giacomo Martelli
Producer: Nicolai Iuul,Giacomo Martelli,Paolo Rossetti
Writer: Giacomo Martelli,Giacomo Martelli
Interesting factoids about spying, mediocre acting, "yeah, right" plot parts
The movie gives out lots of interesting factoids about the Echelon spying system that the plot revolves around, which a subsequent web search proved to be largely accurate (or, at least, largely accurate according to one of the various hypotheses about the system).

I found the acting to be fairly weak and unconvincing, especially the lead bad guy, but others as well. At points the acting had me thinking I was watching some kind of B movie, although there were enough decent actors to keep me wondering.

At several point plot issues had me going "Yeah, right." While you can let them slide on technology issues (although one piece of technology that plays a major role in the plot, which supposedly dates back half a century, is particularly questionable), it was often the characters' reactions to the situations they were in that had me wondering "Who would actually do that if they were in such a situation?"

Overall, though, the movie kept me entertained but the draw backs only allow me to give it a Luke warm recommendation, although I'd recommend it more strongly to conspiracy theorists and others who dig this kind of thing.

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Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 6.5
Musician: Christian Kusche
Running time: 105 min (European Film Market)
Subtitles: inga
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