Yamakasi 2
Öga rött, Ett

Lethal Weapon 2 (1989)
USA / Afrikaans
"The magic is back! "
Riggs and Murtaugh are on the trail of South African diplomats who are using their immunity to engage in criminal activities.
Mel Gibson Martin Riggs
Danny Glover Sergeant Roger Murtaugh
Joe Pesci Leo Getz
Joss Ackland Arjen 'Aryan' Rudd
Derrick O'Connor Pieter 'Adolph' Vorstedt
Patsy Kensit Rika van den Haas
Darlene Love Trish Murtaugh
Traci Wolfe Rianne Murtaugh
Steve Kahan Captain Ed Murphy
Mark Rolston Hans
Jenette Goldstein Officer Meagan Shapiro
Dean Norris Tim Cavanaugh
Juney Smith Tom Wyler
Nestor Serrano Eddie Estaban
Philip Suriano Joseph Ragucci
Director: Richard Donner
Producer: Richard Donner,Joel Silver
Writer: Shane Black,Shane Black
Lethal Weapon 2: Substandard Follow-up
I really really liked Lethal Weapon for a whole host of reason, but the sequel certainly doesn't stand up to its predecessor.

The character development, which in the first film was pivotal, is dropped and your just expected to enjoy the character of Riggs and Murtaugh on the merits of the first film alone, which is alright at the start of the film, but soon it is revealed they are simply shadows of the previous multi-dimensional selves (especially Riggs).

The film lacks the dark underbelly of the first, in which despite having a good plot, the screwed up achololic and weary senior officer's transformation in to coherent unit was nothing less of genius.

Plus this film has the terrible Patsy Kensit in, whose South African accent is actually terrible, and can't act for toffee.

Its a shame, because I really wanted to love this film, as much as the first one, but despite not being a bad movie it just doesn't live up to the original.

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Imdb rating: 6.9
Musician: Eric Clapton
Running time: 108 min (cut version) / USA
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