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Land of the Dead (2005)
Canada / English
"The dead shall inherit the Earth. "
The living dead have taken over the world, and the last humans live in a walled city to protect themselves as they come to grips with the situation.
Simon Baker Riley
John Leguizamo Cholo
Dennis Hopper Kaufman
Asia Argento Slack
Robert Joy Charlie
Eugene Clark Big Daddy
Joanne Boland Pretty Boy
Tony Nappo Foxy
Jennifer Baxter Number 9
Boyd Banks Butcher
Jasmin Geljo Tambourine Man
Maxwell McCabe-Lokos Mouse
Tony Munch Anchor
Shawn Roberts Mike
Pedro Miguel Arce Pillsbury
Director: George A. Romero
Producer: Mark Canton,Bernie Goldmann,Peter Grunwald
Writer: George A. Romero
Well Worth the Wait, and Will Upset All the Right People
I wanted to write a more in-depth review, but I can't squeeze it to under 1,000 words, so I'll be brief.

This was well worth the wait. It is the best of Romero's films, and it fits perfectly within the story arc of Romero's "dead" universe. There are powerful political overtones throughout, and they will undoubtedly upset all the right people.

The movie was excellent; it's strengths more than make up for its minor flaws. The leader of the zombie revolution, Big Daddy, is a big screen horror movie antihero on par with Karloff's Frankenstein monster. The acting is quite good and surprisingly believable in such a bizarre setting.

See this movie.

See it soon.

You can bet that certain talking heads in the media are going to tear into it, and perhaps that's appropriate, all things considered. Do not let them dissuade you. There are going to be people who disagree with Romero's message in this film; you may be one of them. You may even work for Kaufman. If you're not, though, see this movie.

Brilliant stuff. Huge kudos to George Romero for making this movie at this point in history. It couldn't have come at a better time.

Don't miss it.

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Storage device:Divx 4
Imdb rating: 6.6
Musician: Reinhold Heil
Running time: 93 min / 97 min (director's cut)
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