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Klassfesten (2002)
Sweden / Swedish
"Varför man inte vill återförenas med sin gamla klass, men ändå gör det "
35-year old Magnus Edkvist hates class reunions as much as anyone and usually skip them. Still he accepts...
Mikael Almqvist Hasse
Inday Ba Hillevi
Sacha Baptiste Unga Hillevi
Urban Bergsten Leffe Lort
Carola Björnfot Stina
Veronica Dahlström Boel
Johan Ehn Jonas
Malena Engström Sussie
Jessica Forsberg Pia
Ulf Friberg Tommy
Maria Frisdalen Pernilla
Cecilia Frode Lollo
Per Gottfredsson Tomas
Anna-Maria Hallgarn Lisa
Henrik Hjelt Ove
Director: Måns Herngren,Hannes Holm
Producer: Patrick Ryborn
Writer: Måns Herngren,Hannes Holm
I know i'm hardly the intended audience for this film. I'm not even close to the mid-life crisis yet and therefore i might not understand the finer points of this "comedy". To me this was anyway more depressing than funny.

Magnus is 35 years old. He lives with his wife in a rather dull marriage. One day he receives an invitation to a class reunion, and he is not thrilled. After debating with himself he decides to go to this reunion, and that decision changes his life.

I don't what it is about these Swedish movies about people going through their mid-life crisis. These movies are plentiful and almost ALWAYS depressing. If these movies were something to judge from then the obvious deduction would be that life becomes completely pointless and bereft of happiness the moment you turn 35. Somehow i have a hard time believing that considering that there are plenty of people who live beyond that point without violently committing suicide.

Also what i don't like in these movies is that the resolution always seems to steer away from what would in most countries considered to be politically correct. Rather it's the revelation and the "new life", the guts to start anew, that is always heralded as the positive thing to do. Never to try and work things out in your present situation. This seems if nothing else at least very unrealistic since most people do not feel like throwing everything aside and just starting anew.

Anyway, this movie is rather funny in some parts. But not as funny as it is depressing. Björn Kjellman is great, as he often is, and most of the other actors are also doing a nice job. Also what the directors manage to do is promote sympathy in the characters. You feel for so many of them. They are pathetic but in a way that makes you sympathize rather than despise them. Which also adds some warmth to the otherwise rather bleak story.

So if a black comedy about the mid-life crisis is your cup of tea, then this might be something for you. I rate it 5/10 and hope that in the future these movies could perhaps be a bit brighter.

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