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King Kong (1976)
USA / English
"The most exciting original motion picture event of all time. "
A petroleum exploration expedition comes to an isolated island and encounters a colossal giant gorilla.
Jeff Bridges Jack Prescott
Charles Grodin Fred Wilson
Jessica Lange Dwan
John Randolph Captain Ross
Rene Auberjonois Roy Bagley
Julius Harris Boan
Jack O'Halloran Joe Perko
Dennis Fimple Sunfish
Ed Lauter Carnahan
Jorge Moreno Garcia
Mario Gallo Timmons
John Lone Chinese Cook
Garry Walberg Army General
John Agar City Official
Keny Long Ape Masked Man
Director: John Guillermin
Producer: Dino De Laurentiis
Writer: Merian C. Cooper,Edgar Wallace
An underrated failure of a remake.
The popular label stamped on this film is that it is a failure. While this is true, there are certain good elements that are present here and, in terms of which, are superior to the original.

In the original classic, Ann Darrow, the damsel in distress, had no good feelings whatsoever for the unfortunate giant ape. Her function in the story was to be carried about, and of course, scream. This remake, however, is more developed as a drama. Kong is treated more as a character, rather than a destroying machine that happens to have a certain baffling attraction for blonds. Ann is also portrayed more as a character than an object that screams, and she develops a liking for Kong that allows this film to be openly touching. And the eccentric who captures and brings Kong to the civilized world is appropriately portrayed as the scoundrel he should be.

But the problem is, King Kong is not just any old love story. What is lacking in the remake is action. While the original Kong spent half the movie beating up an impressive collection of fanged death, this film contains only one other monster, which, after a very brief and very boring struggle, never shows its very boring self again. The quality of the effects is also very bad. Although they are in colour, they are, in all practicality, inferior to that of the original, which was already over forty years old at the time.

Another potential problem is that this film, on top of the lack of action, ended up a little too serious than need be. One element is that, what was a film-making expedition in the original, was turned into a corporate-run oil expedition. While this is no problem in itself, it strays a little too far from the fact that King Kong is not expected to be anything more than entertainment. Personally, I feel that this message of how dangerous corporate society can be is a very good and important one, but in this movie it lacks the ominous subtlety I believe best fit for it (as in the earlier "Alien" movies, for example), and, as if aware of the fans who don't want a story too dark, it seems to be only half-heartedly pursued. The effect is that it comes out a little deliberate and cheesy.

All in all, the good thing about this movie is that it puts emphasis on the drama. The bad thing is that that is all it pays attention to. It was a very good try, but to sum up the mistakes of this movie, while the drama of King Kong is what mostly makes it distinguishable from other monster flicks, this story is simply not allowed to be just a drama. The lord of all monster movies is, after all, a monster movie.

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Imdb rating: 5.6
Musician: John Barry
Running time: 134 min
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