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Boh lee chun (1999)
HongKong / Mandarin
"She wanted adventure. In Hong Kong she found her match. "
A young Tawianese/Mandarin girl finds a bottle which makes her go to Hong Kong to meet a guy named ALbert...
Jackie Chan C.N. Chan
Qi Shu Bu (as Shu Qi)
Tony Leung Chiu Wai Albert (as Tony Leung)
Emil Chau L.W. Lo
Richie Ren Yi Lung
Ken Lo Lo's Assistant
Sung Young Chen Bu's Father
Elaine Jin Bu's Mother
Bradley James Allan Alan
Tats Lau Lo's Assistant
Vincent Kok Lo's Assistant
Sandra Ng Kwan Yue Conwoman at the airport
Sam Lee Frog
Kar-Ying Law Chan's Assistant
Stephen Chow H.K. Police Officer
Director: Vincent Kok
Producer: Jackie Chan,Raymond Chow
Writer: Jackie Chan,Ivy Ho
Saw it for Shu Qi...not Jackie Chan
Perhaps I'm in the minority, but Shu Qi was the reason I wanted to see this film...Jackie Chan's appearance was a positive, but not the driving reason. I must admit I had my concerns, as I didn't care very much for "Love Me, Love My Money," (another Shu Qi/Tony Leung movie), nor for "Kung Fu Hustle." I thought perhaps that humor in Chinese culture does not translate well with Western audiences.

So when I saw "Gorgeous," I was pleasantly surprised. While I haven't seen many Chinese romantic comedies, this was by far the best one I've seen. Shu Qi - one of the most beautiful women in the world, I think - is absolutely adorable in her role. Jackie Chan does his usual great job, although I was surprised that Tony Leung would take such a minor role in this movie.

I wish I had seen the uncut version, but then again, perhaps it would have dragged the film down for me, and/or had Chinese cultural references that would have made no sense to me.

I can understand if people were disappointed in this film if they were expecting a Jackie Chan action flick. There is action, but it's also a romantic comedy.

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Storage device:Divx 4
Imdb rating: 5.3
Musician: Dang-Yi Wong
Running time: 95 min / Germany
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