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Ingen kan älska som vi (1988)
Sweden / Swedish
"En kaerleksfilm av Staffan Hildebrand "
Anneli is soon to be 17 years old. She lives alone with her mother and can barely remember her father who left the family 10 years ago...
Izabella Scorupco Annelie
Håkan Lindberg Jonny
Anki Lidén Annelie's Mother
Stig Engström Annelie's Father
Kim Anderzon Boarding-house supervisor
Marcus Trapp Mackan
Mårten Thomasson Jonny's Father
Dominik Henzel DJ
Ulf Granqvist Raffe
Andrej Anderzon-Möller Robin
Patrik Ehrman Johnnys lillebror
Thea Östling Sanna
Thomas Andersson Epa-kille
Hans Paulsen Epa-kille
Patrik Svedberg Epa-kille
Director: Staffan Hildebrand
Producer: Christer Hagstroem
Writer: Staffan Hildebrand,Joakim Schröder
Bland 80s love story.
Big-city girl goes from flashy(but hollow) Stockholm to northern Sweden to meet her father for the first time in a decade. Once there, things do not work out quite as she expected, but she meets some honest country folk who teach her a thing or two about life.

A predictable, intolerably bland, and simplistic yarn.

However, there is a time-capsule aspect to it that is somewhat interesting. There is so much bad eighties hair and music on display that at least hardcore eighties aficionados will have something to keep them entertained.

This movie makes an interesting double-feature with Jägarna. In Jägarna, the country-bumpkins of the north have more in common with the ignorant inbreds of Deliverance, while in this film they are honest, hard-working, and nice. It makes for an interesting juxtaposition of two different paradigms of the same people.

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Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 4.1
Musician: Tina Moe
Running time: 101 min
Subtitles: inga
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