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Imposture (2005)
France / French
Patrick Bouchitey Serge Pommier
Laetitia Chardonnet Jeanne Goudimel
Isabelle Renauld Anna
Patrick Catalifo Roland
Ariane Ascaride Brigitte
Didier Flamand Massignon
Pierre Diot L'inspecteur
Michel Field L'animateur
Alban Aumard L'employé EDF
Carmelo Cacciato Le magicien
Murany Kovacs Le bibliothécaire de la fac
Paula Jacques L'animatrice radio
Emmanuel Vottero Le client boutique vêtements
Etienne Chicot Le type (Ledoyen)
Julie Fournier La vendeuse cravate
Director: Patrick Bouchitey
Producer: Luc Besson,Didier Creste,Pierre-Ange Le Pogam,Joël Leyendecker
Writer: Jackie Berroyer,Patrick Bouchitey
A sick relationship
This movie is the second directed by Bouchitey, after "Lune froide" (Cold moon, 1991). This new one seems to be more "polite", less cynical and sick than the previous one. "Seems", because, after a (slightly slow and too easy to predict) first part based on the life of a university teacher and notorious literature critic, the movie turns out to be the story of the madness of a man, and the sick relationship between him and his student/prisoner.

The movie focus on the behaviour and psychology of the main character, played by Bouchitey. How, from a frustrated writer, he becomes a maniac, then how, from a cold psychotic, he unveils the cracks of his soul.

Both main character, Bouchitey and the young Laetitia Chardonnet, are interesting, moving and deep.

If one shall find the end of the movie a little bit "quick", and the whole plot too predictable, this movie remains a good thriller and a good portrait of an ambiguous maniac/victim relationship.

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Imdb rating: 6.7
Running time: 101 min
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