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"My Name Is Earl" (2005)
USA / English
"Karma is a funny thing. "
A ne'er do well wins $100,000 in the lottery and decides to right all the wrongs from his past with his newfound realization.
Eddie Steeples Darnell Turner / ... (47 episodes, 2005-2007)
Jason Lee Earl Hickey / ... (46 episodes, 2005-2007)
Ethan Suplee Randy Hickey / ... (46 episodes, 2005-2007)
Jaime Pressly Joy Turner / ... (46 episodes, 2005-2007)
Nadine Velazquez Catalina (44 episodes, 2005-2007)
Director: Victor Nelli Jr.
Producer: Bobby Bowman,J.B. Cook,Kim Hamberg,John Hoberg
Writer: Zack Friedman
This Show is So Good That I Expect It To Be Cancelled
I rarely watch sitcoms any more because they are normally both inane and indistinguishable from one another. This show may actually induce me to watch it on a regular basis. If you liked "Raising Arizona", you just might like "My Name Is Earl". After I watched the first episode I did an online search to find out who the creative forces were behind it. In doing so I stumbled into a review that described Earl as the illegitimate son of Nicholas Cage in "Raising Arizona". That just about nails the character. In In fact, while recounting the season opener to a friend who had missed it, I nearly called Earl, Hi. Catch it before it's gone. If you didn't think the first episode was brilliant, then this show is just not for you.

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Imdb rating: 8.9
Musician: Danny Lux
Running time: 30 min (including commercials)
Subtitles: Svenska
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