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Heat (1995)
USA / Spanish
"From "
A Los Angeles crime saga,
Al Pacino Lt. Vincent Hanna
Robert De Niro Neil McCauley
Val Kilmer Chris Shiherlis
Jon Voight Nate
Tom Sizemore Michael Cheritto
Diane Venora Justine Hanna
Amy Brenneman Eady
Ashley Judd Charlene Shiherlis
Mykelti Williamson Sergeant Drucker
Wes Studi Detective Casals
Ted Levine Bosko
Dennis Haysbert Donald Breedan
William Fichtner Roger Van Zant
Natalie Portman Lauren Gustafson
Tom Noonan Kelso
Director: Michael Mann
Producer: Art Linson,Michael Mann
Writer: Michael Mann
One of the best films of the 90's
I am assuming I am commenting on this film for those who have not seen this film and for those people I pity you. Its a crime thriller. Won't describe the story as its not particularly original and not the best thing about this film. You've got Pacino and Deniro on screen in a film for the first and possibly last time which should be recommendation enough. Youv'e also got director Michael Mann at the top of his game. An awesome supporting cast firing on all cylinders. Arguably the best "shoot-out" in any film. What more do you want?

It's a long film but there is not one wasted scene in it. Even the incidental story lines - for example the recently paroled ex-cell mate of Deniro whose first job is in a "grill" working for a nasty exploitative boss and then ends end up as a stand-in getaway driver for Deniros crew. It just adds weight to the whole film. All the domestic dramas of the good-guys and the bad-guys that you wouldn't get in the typical cops and robbers film are shown in loving detail and nothing is rushed. Just makes it a more satisfying and involving film.

Mann who started his career on Miami Vice almost seems to be taking a trip back to the eighties with the soundtrack and styling of the film - almost but not quite.

If you still don't want to see the film after this then what the hells wrong with you?! Sit back and enjoy. Also - no. 247 in the top 250?? Whats up with that???

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Storage device:Divx 4
Imdb rating: 8.1
Musician: Elliot Goldenthal
Running time: 188 min (original pre-aired NBC version)
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