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Happy Feet (2006)
Australia / English
"WARNING: May Cause Toe-Tapping. "
Into the world of the Emperor Penguins, who find their soul mates through song, a penguin is born who cannot sing. But he can tap dance something fierce!
Miriam Margolyes Mrs. Astrakhan
Magda Szubanski Miss Viola (voice)
Elizabeth Daily Baby Mumble
Hugo Weaving Noah the Elder
Nicole Kidman Norma Jean
Hugh Jackman Memphis
Brittany Murphy Gloria
Elijah Wood Mumble
Robin Williams Ramon /
Johnny A. Sanchez Lombardo
Jeffrey Garcia Rinaldo
Lombardo Boyar Raul
Carlos Alazraqui Nestor (voice)
Fat Joe Seymour (voice)
Alyssa Shafer Baby Gloria (voice)
Cesar Flores Baby Seymour
Anthony LaPaglia Boss Skua (voice)
Danny Mann Dino / Zoo Penguin (voice)
Mark Klastorin Vinnie (voice)
Michael Cornacchia Frankie (voice)
Steve Irwin Trev (voice)
Nicholas McKay Nev (voice)
Tiriel Mora Kev (voice)
Richard Carter Barry / Live Action Cast (voice)
Lee Perry Elder / Zoo Penguin (voice)
Alan Shearman Elder (voice)
Larry Moss Elder (voice)
Peter Carroll Elder (voice)
Giselle Loren Adélie Chica (voice)
Michelle Arthur Adélie Chica (voice)
Denise Blasor Adélie Chica (voice)
Dee Bradley Baker Maurice / Other Voices (voice)
Roger Rose Leopard Seal
Chrissie Hynde Michelle (voice)
Charlotte Gillman Live Action Cast
Warren Coleman Live Action Cast
Felix Williamson Live Action Cast
Carly Andrews Live Action Cast
Cassandra Swaby Live Action Cast
Winston Cooper Live Action Cast
Henry Nixon Live Action Cast
Kelly Tracey Live Action Cast
Yann Le Berre Live Action Cast
Belinda Bromilow Live Action Cast
Alan Zitner Live Action Cast
Dasi Ruz Live Action Cast
Helmut Bakaitis Live Action Cast
Simon Westaway Live Action Cast
J. Grant Albrecht Other Voices (voice) (as Grant Albrecht)
Logan Arens Other Voices (voice)
Charles Bartlett Other Voices (voice)
Shane Baumel Other Voices (voice)
T.J. Beacom Other Voices (voice)
Kwesi Boakye Other Voices (voice)
A.J. Buckley Other Voices (voice)
Erin Chambers Other Voices (voice)
Rickey D'Shon Collins Other Voices (voice) (as Ricky D'Shon Collins)
Scotty Cox Other Voices (voice) (as Scott E. Cox)
Django Craig Other Voices (voice)
Nicholas DeLaurentis Other Voices (voice)
Olivia DeLaurentis Other Voices (voice)
Chris Edgerly Other Voices (voice)
Efrain Figueroa Other Voices (voice)
Jeff Fischer Other Voices (voice)
Sonje Fortag Other Voices (voice)
Spencer Lacey Ganus Other Voices (voice) (as Spencer Ganus)
Khamani Griffin Other Voices (voice)
Khadijah Other Voices (voice) (as Khadijah Haqq)
Aldis Hodge Other Voices (voice)
Fisher Keene Other Voices (voice)
Arif S. Kinchen Other Voices (voice)
Michael Krepack Other Voices (voice)
Libby Lynch Other Voices (voice)
Diane Michelle Other Voices (voice)
Ryan Munck Other Voices (voice)
Christian Pikes Other Voices (voice)
Steve Pinto Additional Voices (voice)
Zoë Raye Additional Voices (voice)
Noreen Reardon Other Voices (voice)
Eliana Reyes Other Voices (voice)
Nicole Richmond Other Voices (voice)
Aimee Roldan Other Voices (voice)
Kyndell Rose Crowell Other Voices (voice) (as Kyndell Rose)
Alyssa Smith Other Voices (voice)
Mari Weiss Other Voices (voice)
Billy 'Sly' Williams Other Voices (voice) (as Billy Williams)
Rachel York Other Voices (voice)
Director: George Miller,Warren Coleman
Producer: Bill Miller,George Miller,Doug Mitchell
Writer: Warren Coleman,John Collee
Happy Film
Tap-dancing penguins could never have been pitched if the mega-hit doc Marching Penguins (2005) had not caught the imagination of every breathing human. Only this time around Happy Feet is not a doc but a high-class animation (from the director of the very humane Babe) and much more anthropomorphic than Marching Penguins because these are tap-dancing penguins.

Besides the themes of individualism and environmental destruction, Happy Feet's special effects take animation as close to 3-D as could be possible in a 2-D medium. One scene with frolicking penguins careening down a mountain has the sight and sound of rapid descent so authentic as to make me cringe at each turn for fear of flying off the snow into the sky. The colors are luminous and the long and helicopter-like shots stunning enough to make you feel you're watching IMAX.

Mumble (voice of Elijah Wood) has no singing voice, so he can't sing a "heart-song," the signature croon of a male to attract a female for life. But as Nature frequently compensates, that boy can dance. A hard-to-accept-it dad (Hugh Jackman) laments, "It just ain't penguin." The adventures of this hippity-hop outcast bring him to a band of diminutive Latinos headed by a savvy Ramon (Robin Williams), who helps him to find his inner heart-song in his feet and eventually the source of fish depletion (the "aliens" are a familiar race of buccaneers—us).

Along the way Mumble finds soulful love with Gloria (Brittney Murphy), a young lady strong in song and belief in Mumble. Speaking of song, much of the score, while replete with pop standards from the likes of the Beach Boys and Sinatra, adapts several gospel tunes to accentuate the theme of a savior being rejected by his own kind.

Happy Feet is a happy film that features cutting-edge CG while it teaches young and old about tolerance and talent. This is the season for the tuxedo crowd—shaken and stirred.

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Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 6.8
Musician: John Powell
Running time: 108 min
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Stereo [Swedish]
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