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Guess Who (2005)
USA / English
"Some in-laws were made to be broken. "
A sarcastic father (Mac) has plenty to say about his daughter wanting to marry a white boy (Kutcher).
Bernie Mac Percy Jones
Ashton Kutcher Simon Green
Zoe Saldana Theresa Jones (as Zoë Saldaña)
Judith Scott Marilyn Jones
Hal Williams Howard Jones
Kellee Stewart Keisha Jones
Robert Curtis Brown Dante
RonReaco Lee Reggie (as Ronreaco Lee)
Paula Newsome Darlene
Phil Reeves Fred
Sherri Shepherd Sydney
Nicole Sullivan Liz Klein
Jessica Cauffiel Polly
JoNell Kennedy Winnie (as Jonell Kennedy)
Niecy Nash Naomi
Director: Kevin Rodney Sullivan
Producer: Jason Goldberg,Erwin Stoff,Jenno Topping
Writer: William Rose,David Ronn
Great Movie
This movie had me laughing all the way through it. Though Ashton Kucher is not my most favorite actor, he nailed this part as a white man trying to hard to fit in to his soon to be black family. Bernie Mac does a remarkable job of being the unaccepting father. The two combine for some very funny scenes. The racial overtones are handled in a very comedic and non-offensive manner.

If you are trying to compare to another movie you must look at a cross between Meet the Parents and "Guess Who's coming to Dinner" with Sidney Potier. But, this movie is not a spoof, knock off, or a comedy in the gross out or dumb funny genre. This movie has a legitimate story and is funny along the way. Look for the deeper meanings and enjoy the ride.

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Imdb rating: 5.6
Musician: John Murphy
Running time: 105 min
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