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Green River Killer (2005)
USA / English
George Kiseleff Gary Ridgway
Jacquelyn Horrell Hedy
Georgina Donovan Gena
Shannon Leade Anna
Naidra Dawn Thomson Irene
Shawn G. Smith Coworker #1
Kimko Coworker #2 (as Martin Lockhurst)
Nola Roeper Mona
Ron Robbins Detective Dawson
Christian Behm Detective Cole
Sebastein Szumilas Kevin (as Sebastian Szumilas)
Bud Watson Defense Attorney
Carsten Frank Boris
Alexandra Dumas /td>
Jared Kimber /td>
Director: Ulli Lommel
Producer: Ulli Lommel,Nola Roeper
Writer: Ulli Lommel
Movies based on true crime stories are usually at least interesting, and for lack of a better word, entertaining. But not this one, even if it was in my backyard. Take a few scenes of soft porn of Ridgeway with prostitutes, alternate them with flash scenes of an unrelated gory autopsy, (apparently these were dream sequences, but I couldn't tell) and intersperse with actual video tapes of Ridgeway talking about the murders, and you have the entire movie. There weren't even any scenes of King County that I recognized, the whole thing could have been shot in LA for all I could tell.

They didn't even have the facts straight. Ridgeway was working as a truck painter at the Kenworth plant, but the movie had him working in a warehouse. The Green River Task Force was part of the King County Sheriff's Office, but the cops in the movie identified themselves as "SPD", meaning "Seattle Police Dept." Lead detective Dave Reichert, who later became King County Sheriff and now a member of Congress, makes no appearance anywhere in the movie. The movie also depicted his victims as pretty white women that belong to a madam who's "business" is based out of a low-life bar where he picked them up. That was not his m.o. at all. Some of his victims were black, many of them minors, and he picked them up off the street, mostly along the Seatac strip. Also, Ridgeway was a very plain looking, geeky type of guy, but the movie made him look like a mean biker-type dude.

It's plain the film makers made no attempt at researching the case. They only knew that it involved the Green River which is somewhere around the Seattle area. What a pathetic piece of garbage, don't waste your time and money on it.

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Storage device:Divx 4
Imdb rating: 1.8
Musician: Robert J. Walsh
Running time: 83 min
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