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Green Day: Bullet in a Bible (2005)
UK / English
Green Day profile their "American Idiot" concert at Milton Keynes in London, England in 2005.
Billie Joe Armstrong Himself
Green Day Themselves
Mike Dirnt Himself
Tre Cool Himself
Samuel Bayer Himself
Adrienne Armstrong Herself
Ron Blake /td>
Brittney Dane Herself
Jason Freese /td>
Mike Pelino /td>
Jason White Himself
Director: Samuel Bayer
Producer: Tim Lynch
A Stunning Masterpiece of The Arts
This is without doubt, the best Green Day video ever shot. Let there be no confusion, Bullet in a Bible will go down in History. With valuable contributions from Billie, Mike and Tre - including interviews, bloopers, segments and practice footage it really sums up what a true fan is looking for. The concert which I actually attended is the greatest spectacle ever seen. Over the two day's the entire band really demonstrated their true ability, giving 100% commitment and left nothing unseen. The presentation of the DVD is admirable with it's live compilation CD accompanying the final product.

Edited to perfection and with screen shots, angles and images all recorded and produced splendidly, its a blast! I do however, have one minor reservation - "Homecoming" which was performed live on the Sunday did not feature on the DVD. Shame.

Oh well, all in all I hope you have the time of your life watching this over and over again.

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Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 8.7
Musician: Billie Joe Armstrong
Running time: 115 min (DVD version)
Subtitles: inga
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