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Gang Related (1997)
USA / English
"How do you solve a murder when YOU'RE the killer? "
Two cops kill an undercover DEA agent by mistake, and frantically try to cover their tracks by framing a homeless man for the crime...
James Belushi Det. Frank Divinci
Tupac Shakur Det. Rodriguez
Lela Rochon Cynthia Webb
Dennis Quaid Joe Doe
James Earl Jones Arthur Baylor
David Paymer Elliot Goff
Wendy Crewson Helen Eden
Gary Cole Richard Simms
Terrence 'T.C.' Carson Manny Landrew
Brad Greenquist Richard Stein
James Handy Capt. Henderson
Kool Moe Dee Lionel Hudd
Victor Love Hooper
Robert LaSardo Sarkasian
Perry Anzilotti Vic
Director: Jim Kouf
Producer: John Bertolli,Brad Krevoy,Steven Stabler
Writer: Jim Kouf
Great film
I really didn't want to rent this film, but one of my friends, PA(nick-name)who was a big fan of Tupac Shakur talked me into it. I am glad he did, because this was one of the best films of 1998. James Belushi was great in this film, and so was Shakur and Lela Rochon. James Earl Jones appears in a little role in the last 40 minutes of the film.He was great, too. However, the film is about two corrupt cops who sell drugs, then they kill

the buyer and steal the drugs and everything else of value on him. It had worked 10 times. But unfortunately the 11th time(The one we saw) goes wrong.The buyer was a undercover-cop and they has been set to do the investigation.Now the film really starts. The two cops now start looking for someone to blame, and a

homeless man named Tom looks like an easy target. The rest you can see for yourself.You really should. The movie is Great

I gave it 9/10!

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Imdb rating: 5.9
Musician: Mickey Hart
Running time: 102 min
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