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Frostbite (2005)
USA / English
"Snowboarding has never been this HOT! "
A group of misfit slackers battle a group of egotistical snobs for snowboarding rights to a ski mountain.
Peter Jason Colonel Jaffe
Traci Lords Naomi Bucks
Adam Grimes Billy Wagstaff
Phil Morris J.P. Millhouse
Carmen Nicole Casey Richards
Baelyn Neff Winter Jaffe
Oliver Macready Brandt Von Hoffman
Ron Zimmerman Blind Danny Temples
Christian Oliver Hans Gruber
Gus Farewell Sven Darden
Rick Overton Bartender
Maggie Rowe Receptionist (Suzy)
Matt Baker Balls
Kareem Matthews Shaft
Troy Bellinghausen Grabs
Director: Jonathan Schwartz
Producer: Milton Kim,Paul Miller,Barry Quart,Tom Rooker
Writer: Paul Miller,Steve Rogers
one of the worst films ever!!!!
I guess if you like snow boarding you may get some enjoyment from watching some nice scenery and some nice tricks. but that is all the film has to offer. the story line is non-existent, and any jokes that may have been in the film were not funny, even on a sympathy level. I also disliked the characters, the main actor (Adam Grimes)tried his best, and for a comedy like this that doesn't have to be much, but when surrounded by so many other bad actors he had no hope of making this film good. but i shouldn't be too harsh on them, for all i know they might have great skill, but with a script that i could have written in ten minutes, what ever skills they had were ran and hid for fear of appearing in this film. my advise is don't watch it, i wish i never did!

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Storage device:Divx 4
Imdb rating: 2.2
Musician: Richard Kosinski
Running time: 83 min
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