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"How It's Made" (1999)
Canada / English
Television series that documents how various everyday products are made.
Brooks T. Moore Narrator (78 episodes, 2007)
Great Show
I think those who are critiquing the lack of intimate details aren't paying attention to the idea of patent infringement. This show gives a great overview of the making of everyday objects we take for granted. From CDs to barstools...even beer! My oldest son was mesmerized by the wine making episode and has become a fount of information, lol. I love to watch this show with my kids!

My only critique is that the voice over is occasionally too bland; other than that, its terrific! If you are a fan of learning, you will probably enjoy this show.

Give it a try; if its not for you, no worries. But perhaps your children might enjoy it, so let them give it a shot!

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Imdb rating: 8.4
Running time: 24 min
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