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Final Days of Planet Earth (2006)
USA / English
"Resisting her is futile. Giving in to her is fatal. "
Daryl Hannah Liz Quinlan
Campbell Scott William Phillips
Gil Bellows Lloyd Walker
Suleka Mathew Marianne (as Sue Mathew)
Serge Houde Korshaft
Beau Starr Oliver
Patrick Gilmore Spence
Tygh Runyan Nick
Tina Milo Milivojevic Bella (as Tina Milo)
William MacDonald Cruikshank
Sophie Alden Sally
Michael Bardach Homeless Man
Christine Barrie Soccer Mom
Marc Baur Supervisor
Mary Black Old Lady on Bus
Eric Breker James Bowen
John Cassini Jake Roth
Camyar Chai City Hall Reception (as Cam Chai)
Jeff Chubey Bus Cop
Nathaniel DeVeaux Paul
Gina Doty Unemployment Clerk
Cameron Forbes Clerk
Everick Golding Lieutenant
Tom Heaton Casey
Michael Jonsson Foot Patrol Cop
Michael Kopsa Dalton (as Mike Kopsa)
David Lovgren Collins
John Mann Room 86 Clerk/Workman
Ryan McDonell Jonathan Gillis
Greg Michaels Czarski
Jenny Mitchell Teacher
Michael Montano School Boy
Thomas O'Dwyer Bus Driver
Tim O'Halloran Hospital Guard
Mark Pawson Newsman
Dean Redman EMT
Denis Simpson Chief Administrator
Ian Thompson Motorcycle Cop
Robert Turner Lieutenant
Jerry Wasserman Markley
Director: Robert Lieberman
Producer: Michael O'Connor
Writer: Christian Ford,Roger Soffer
Great title, Bad Movie ...
This movie was interesting for about the first 10 minutes or so. Then, soon after the lead character started talking, the movie's stock started to drop and never recovered. Although the makings of a decent movie are present in the tone, basic story line and actors, this movie ended up being 3 hours of discomfort. The main problem was that none of the characters were likable - especially the lead. Worst yet, they were not even believable - some of the decision making was ridiculous. With 3 hours of length (well, more like 132 minutes since it was on TV), the bad decisions were not even used to advance the plot. I think the actors had much more potential than was demonstrated. The best things about this movie were the music and title. I don't recommend watching this movie.

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Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 4.3
Running time: 170 min (DVD version)
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