The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
Öga rött, Ett

Fat Pizza (2003)
Australia / English
"Fast Cars, Fast Chicks, Fast Food "
Paul Fenech Pauly Falzoni
Paul Nakad Sleek the Elite
John Boxer Bobo Gigliotti
Tahir Bilgic Habib Halal
Jabba Davo Dinkum
Maria Venuti Bobo's Mama
Annalise Braakensiek Claudia Macpherson
Angry Anderson Bikie
Glenn Butcher Priest
Michael Craig Judge
Cass Cumerford Man in white
June Dries Bikini babe #1
Jeff Fenech Himself
Mario Fenech Uncle Shiba
Tim Ferguson David Cockerfield
Linden Goh Lachlan
Merv Hughes Ivan
Kamahl Manager of Phat Pizza
George Kapiniaris Ronnie McDoggle
Costas Kilias Dimitri
Bernard King Leather Man
Hung Le Revenge-Crazed Gangster
Jack Levi Health Inspector
Pip Mushin Injured Mormon
Shane Porteous Doctor
Denise Roberts Various
Phillip Scott Injured Mormon
Arthur Serevetas Fighting Arthur (as Arthur Penn)
Rob Shehadie Rocky
Kristine Stanley The Crying Lady
Red Symons Customs Officer
Krista Vendy Green Peace Secretary
Rebel Wilson Toula
Peng Wong Ling's Father
Bruno Xavier Young Gandhi
Jo Jo Yee Ling
Director: Paul Fenech
Producer: Paul Fenech,Jeff Purser
Writer: Tahir Bilgic,Paul Fenech
It's bigger and cheesier.
It's been said that this movie sets Australian culture back 20 years. Whoever said that (I read it somewhere, but can't remember where) has his/her head in his/her armpit. It's the side of Australian culture outsiders rarely see. Illegal immigrants ARE arriving in leaky boats. Police ARE unfairly targeting ethnic minorities. Fast-food corporations (eg McDoggles) ARE being mean to the little guy (and I don't just mean Pauly). People ARE making speed in their backyards. Backpackers ARE being murdered.

Though I'm sure that, when these things occur in the real world, they are nowhere near as funny as they are in Fat Pizza. This movie is utterly hilarious from beginning to end. Sure, the humour may not be everyone's cup of tea. I certainly wouldn't feel comfortable watching it with my Nanna.

It's unfair to say there is no structure to the plot. There is. Just not a standard one. Which, in this age of Hollywood formula, should be regarded as a good thing. This movie breaks the rules, baby!

If you enjoy watching the Pizza TV show on SBS, you'll have a blast. It's longer, with more jokes and cameos crammed in. A family-size Pizza, if you like.

If I had to choose between Fat Pizza and Kangaroo Jack as a representation of Australian culture, I'd choose Fat Pizza in a second.

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