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"HippHipp!" (2001)
Sweden / Swedish
South Swedish comedy sketch show. Introducing Itzhak Skenström, Kaj-Åke "Kajan" Hansson, Morgan Pålsson, Micke and Mini, Tony and Zunken, Tiffany Persson, Swedish for Beginners, and much else.
Anders Jansson Morgan Pålsson, Tiffany Persson, Others (10 episodes, 2001)
Johan Wester Robert Flych, Kaj-Åke Kajan Hansson, Others (10 episodes, 2001)
Eva Westerling (7 episodes, 2001)
Sanna Persson (5 episodes)
Writer: Anders Jansson,Johan Wester
The Swedish humour.
The Killing-gang and Robert Gustafsson may be good, but they use the tragic and horrible things in life to make you laugh. Hipp Hipp uses funny and lovable themes instead. The range of characters these two guys can create are amazing. A dumb firefighter, a snobbish Hungarian music freak, a dysfunctional duo of reporters, a pink-haired woman from Staffanstorp, a pair of mountaineers, a pair of small-time crooks, a stressed out heart doctor and many more.

Original ideas, and they work without adding the usual satire. Instead of shaking your head and going: "Yeah, they're right that sucks", you can just wipe the tears out of our eyes and marvel at the situations these weird people put themselves in.

There's something for everyone. Some irony, some visual gags, some wordplay, and some hysterical sketches. The best humour from Sweden ever, and an icon for Skania.

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Imdb rating: 7.8
Running time: 30 min
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