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Öga rött, Ett

End Game (2006)
Germany / English
"The Assassination Was Only The Beginning. "
A secret Service agent and a news reporter investigate the conspiracy behind the assassination of the President.
Cuba Gooding Jr. Alex Thomas
Angie Harmon Kate Crawford
James Woods Vaughn Stevens
Patrick Fabian Brian Martin
Peter Greene Jack Baldwin
Jack Scalia The President
Anne Archer The First Lady
David Selby Shakey Fuller
Burt Reynolds General Montgomery
Sarah Ann Schultz Janice Frost
Todd Jensen Agent Smith
Brian Presley Billy Bergoon
Benito Martinez Ramsey
Patrick Treadway Lewis Detimore
Yuji Okumoto Doctor Lee
Director: Andy Cheng
Producer: Johnny Martin,David E. Ornston,Richard Salvatore,Tierre Turner
Writer: J.C. Pollock,Andy Cheng
a real stinker
i guess its possible that I've seen worse movies, but this one is a real stinker! the plot is unremarkable but thats not the worst of it. the directing is no where close to what you would expect from andy ching. he's capable of good work but failed to pull this movie together.

angie harmon, playing the female lead as a reporter dogging into who's behind the assassination of the president, truly butchered the role. there was no chemistry with gooding, her demeanor was flat and wooden, and the 5 inch spike heels she wore throughout the movie were absurd. this outing for harmon places her solidly at the bottom of the "b" list.

and what was cuba gooding thinking??? he has to his credit a number of outstanding performances, but this was far beneath what we've come to expect from him.

poor james woods and burt reynolds. poor poor poor poor poor.

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Imdb rating: 5.2
Musician: Kenneth Burgomaster
Running time: 99 min
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