The Door in the Floor
Öga rött, Ett

Dracula 3000 (2004)
Germany / English
"In space, the sun never rises. "
Count Dracula terrorizes the crew of a spaceship.
Casper Van Dien Capt. Abraham Van Helsing
Erika Eleniak Aurora Ash
Coolio 187
Alexandra Kamp-Groeneveld Mina Murry (as Alexandra Kamp)
Grant Swanby Arthur "The Professor" Holmwood
Langley Kirkwood Orlock
Tommy 'Tiny' Lister Humvee (as Tiny Lister)
Udo Kier Capt. Varna
Director: Darrell Roodt
Producer: Frank Hübner,Brad Krevoy,David Lancaster,David Wicht
Writer: Ivan Milborrow,Darrell Roodt
The most worthless piece of trash I have ever seen!
Being a huge horror movie fan, one of the most difficult things to be considering the lack of abundance of good movies in the genre, and having seen hundreds of them in my lifetime, I have to say that Dracula 3000 is by far the most uninspired, lame and poorly done piece of trash I have had the misfortune to see. STAY AWAY FROM THIS MOVIE! It's so bad it's not even laughable. The special effects (did I say "special"?) were probably achieved spending a couple of grand, the acting is terrible and the script should have ended up in the trash bin after the first read by the studio that decided to take on this miserable project. The whole movie was literally filmed in a warehouse. Also, for you guys out there who like nudity in your movies, don't be fooled by the R rating. If you're thinking you get a chance to see Erika Eleniak even half-naked, you're wrong. She is fully clothed throughout the entire movie. And the cover art is completely misleading! There is no scene in any part of the movie that even marginally resembles the awesome cover art they put on the box to draw unsuspecting horror fans.

Too bad the rating is only 1 to 10. I would give this movie a -10. Be warned. Don't waste your money or your time on this one.

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Storage device:Divx 1
Imdb rating: 1.9
Musician: Michael Hoenig
Running time: 86 min
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