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Death Train (2003)
USA / English
Bryan Genesse Ryan
Bentley Mitchum Weaver
Michael Anthony Rosas Salazar
Jaime Anstead Marina
George Stanchev Wizard
Tarri Markell Crystal (as Tarri Markel)
Nikolai Sotirov Carlos (as Nikolay Sotirov)
Ivaylo Geraskov Sikorski (as Ivailo Geraskov)
Bashar Rahal Lopez
Ventzislav Kisyov Rodriguez (as Ventzislav Kisiov)
Atanas Srebrev Jeff
Shelly Varod Jodi
Ivo Tonchev Arthur
Elena Markova Gloria
Jordan Rollins Javier
Director: Yossi Wein
Producer: Danny Lerner,David Varod
Writer: Michael D. Weiss
Not good,Not bad,just Generic.
Being a die-hard action movie fan, I took it upon myself to rent this low-budget straight-to-video action flick. It was pretty much,as explained many times before,a Die-Hard on a train plot.But so many movies before this have ripped off of Die Hard (or many other action films),so there's no reason to hate on this flick just for that. EVERY movie rips off some other movie,someway and somehow.

Now,on to the film.Its a suitable time-waster.Cheesy,low-budget and all the rest.Its something you could expect to see being aired on TNT or such. Bryan Gennesse I think shows a lot of potential to do some very solid action genre outings.He has the "it-factor" if you ask me.He just needs to find that one special role and film,which of course,is almost nearly impossible in mainstream terms,since this genre of action sadly is not a big ticket for distribution anymore.But nonetheless,he could definitely help please fans like myself,of the every-type of action flick out there,even more-so, the cheesy and low-budget kind. Bentley Mitchum did an okay job,but for some reason just bothered me at times,and wasn't too passable as a main villain. But if you go into this movie expecting some high-class,artsy cinematic masterpiece that will turn the state of film-making itself,you're just being a fool.

You usually know when you're the type of fan for this flick.You know that when you have seen countless Dolph Lundgren,Van Damme,Segal,Don The Dragon Wilson,Olivier Gruner films. And thats me.And if you're one of them,you may not be too amazed with Death Train,but you also may see some potential in a future solid action star in Bryan Gennesse.

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Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 2.5
Musician: Gina Amador
Running time: 90 min
Subtitles: engelska
Audio tracks: Stereo [English]
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