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The Dark Hours (2005)
Canada / English
"She spent years getting into the mind of a monster... Now he's getting into hers "
Dr. Samantha Goodman, an attractive psychiatrist in her thirties, joins her husband and sister for a...
Kate Greenhouse Samantha Goodman
Aidan Devine Harlan Pyne
Gordon Currie David Goodman
Iris Graham Melody
Dov Tiefenbach Adrian
David Calderisi Dr. Lew Lanigan
Jeff Seymour Radiologist
Trevor Hayes Doctor
Bruce McFee Donald Wegman
Kathryn Haggis Waitress
Director: Paul Fox
Producer: Brent Barclay
Writer: Wil Zmak
Hits the spot
Kate Greenhouse is a good looking, successful doctor who looks after criminally insane psychopaths in a mental institute. At the beginning of the film she has to assess a mental and decide if he's worthy for release. The relevance of this scene to the rest of the picture is notional but we are immediately aware that she has massive power over certain people.

She is sick. She has a rare brain tumour. There is a cure but its not legit and it's not safe. Luck deals her an ace when she's given a patient / prisoner / mental who has the same condition as her. She tests the cure on him.

She goes away for the weekend to surprise her sappy, writer husband in a log cabin in the middle of nowhere. He's there with her younger gorgeous sister (give me the name of any women who would "authorise" that and then give me her number). She confronts them with her illness and everyone is shocked and depressed.

Then there is a knock on the door....

This film was a complete shock to me. I was not expecting a claustrophobic, horror, physiological thriller. It actually scared me in places and I am one of those people who have come to the opinion that movies are not scary anymore.

I thought about this one for a long time. It is now precious to me.

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Storage device:Divx 4
Imdb rating: 6.3
Musician: E.C. Woodley
Running time: 80 min
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