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"Firefly" (2002)
USA / English
Five hundred years in the future, a renegade crew aboard a small, mobile, spacecraft tries to survive as they travel the unknown parts of the galaxy and evade warring factions as well as authority agents out to get them.
Nathan Fillion Capt. Malcolm 'Mal' Reynolds (14 episodes, 2002-2003)
Gina Torres Zoë Washburne / ... (14 episodes, 2002-2003)
Alan Tudyk Hoban 'Wash' Washburne (14 episodes, 2002-2003)
Morena Baccarin Inara Serra (14 episodes, 2002-2003)
Adam Baldwin Jayne Cobb (14 episodes, 2002-2003)
Jewel Staite Kaylee Frye (14 episodes, 2002-2003)
Sean Maher Dr. Simon Tam (14 episodes, 2002-2003)
Summer Glau River Tam (14 episodes, 2002-2003)
Ron Glass Shepherd Book (14 episodes, 2002-2003)
Producer: Gareth Davies,Ben Edlund,Lisa Lassek,Tim Minear
Counterpoint, apparently
Comparable in flavor to critically-acclaimed Cowboy Bebop. If you're one of the many people that enjoy a good, character-driven show, with a decent plotline and writing hand-crafted by some of the finest in the business, then this is the show for you. Apparently so for the Fox network, but only for a few weeks. Thankfully, the show was released in its entirety on DVD, in all of its glory. Also, as if the brilliant episodes weren't enough to satisfy, there are great, insightful commentaries on most episodes, by creator Joss Whedon and others, and lots of other extras. I can't say enough about this show. Everyone was sad to see this show go, especially the stars.

***** out of *****

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Storage device:TV-show
Imdb rating: 9.5
Musician: Greg Edmonson
Running time: 42 min (15 episodes)
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