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Cube (1997)
Canada / English
"Fear... Paranoia... Suspicion... Desperation "
7 complete strangers of widely varying personality characteristics are involuntarily placed in an endless kafkaesque maze containing deadly traps.
Nicole de Boer Joan Leaven - The Math Student
Nicky Guadagni Helen Holloway - The Doctor
David Hewlett David Worth - The Architect
Andrew Miller Kazan - The Autistic Man
Julian Richings Alderson - The First Victim
Wayne Robson Rennes - The Fugitive
Maurice Dean Wint Quentin - The Cop
Director: Vincenzo Natali
Producer: Mehra Meh,Betty Orr
Writer: André,Bijelic,Vincenzo Natali
One of the best films I've seen in years. Original, suspenseful, frightening. The idea and execution of this film is so simple yet it's still a very complex and brilliant piece of work. The acting is sometimes a little over the top but it still works. The most amazing thing to me is that the filmmakers only built one cube and made it seem like they made several. This is clever, clever filmmaking. Whoever said there are no good ideas left hasn't seen 'Cube'. Dig it.

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Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:DVD
Imdb rating: 7.5
Musician: Mark Korven
Running time: 90 min
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Dolby Digital 5.1 [English]
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