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Coach Carter (2005)
USA / English
"It begins on the street. It ends here. "
Samuel L. Jackson plays the controversial high school basketball coach who benched his undefeated team due to their collective poor academic record in 1999.
Samuel L. Jackson Coach Ken Carter
Rob Brown Kenyon Stone
Robert Ri'chard Damien Carter
Rick Gonzalez Timo Cruz
Nana Gbewonyo Junior Battle
Antwon Tanner Worm
Channing Tatum Jason Lyle
Ashanti Kyra
Texas Battle Maddux
Denise Dowse Principal Garrison
Debbi Morgan Tonya
Mel Winkler Coach White
Vincent Laresca Renny
Sidney Faison Ty Crane
Octavia Spencer Mrs. Battle
Director: Thomas Carter
Producer: David Gale,Brian Robbins,Michael Tollin
Writer: Mark Schwahn,John Gatins
A good story of a coach who believes his players can excel in life
'Coach Carter' is based on a true story of Coach Ken Carter, a controversial high school basketball coach played by Samuel L. Jackson. Coach Carter took the coaching job under his rules. He believed that the players must maintain good grades and become a united team or they would not play. All the team players signed his contract to do just that. The team was undefeated and on it's way to the 1999 State Championship, when Coach Carter received the low grades of his players. Coach Carter received national attention when he locked the gym and benched the whole team for poor grades. Coach Carter received some praise and much more criticism for his decision. This is a good inspirational movie of what one must do to excel in sports and in life. Coach Carter taught his players that they must be committed and work hard to excel. This is good movie for people who like sports. (Paramount, Run time 2:16, Rated PG-13)(8/10)

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Imdb rating: 7.1
Musician: Trevor Rabin
Running time: 136 min
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