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"ER" (1994)
USA / English
The work and lives of a group of emergency room doctors in Chicago.
Noah Wyle Dr. John Carter / ... (249 episodes, 1994-2006)
Laura Innes Dr. Kerry Weaver (246 episodes, 1995-2007)
Laura Cerón Nurse Chuny Marquez (198 episodes, 1995-2007)
Deezer D Nurse Malik McGrath (188 episodes, 1994-2007)
Goran Visnjic Dr. Luka Kovac (180 episodes, 1999-2007)
Anthony Edwards Dr. Mark Greene (179 episodes, 1994-2002)
Yvette Freeman Nurse Haleh Adams (174 episodes, 1994-2007)
Maura Tierney Nurse Abby Lockhart / ... (170 episodes, 1999-2007)
Eriq La Salle Dr. Peter Benton (169 episodes, 1994-2002)
Alex Kingston Dr. Elizabeth Corday (158 episodes, 1997-2004)
Emily Wagner Pickman / ... (152 episodes, 1994-2007)
Sherry Stringfield Dr. Susan Lewis (141 episodes, 1994-2005)
Lynn A. Henderson Olbes (140 episodes, 1995-2007)
Abraham Benrubi Jerry Markovic (135 episodes, 1994-2006)
Julianna Margulies Nurse Carol Hathaway (134 episodes, 1994-2000)
Paul McCrane Dr. Robert Romano (125 episodes, 1997-2003)
Lily Mariye Nurse Lily Jarvik (122 episodes, 1994-2007)
Mekhi Phifer Dr. Gregory Pratt (118 episodes, 2002-2007)
Ming-Na Dr. Jing-Mei Chen / ... (117 episodes, 1995-2004)
Conni Marie Brazelton Nurse Connie Oligario (114 episodes, 1994-2003)
Ellen Crawford Nurse Lydia Wright (112 episodes, 1994-2003)
Montae Russell Zadro (111 episodes, 1995-2007)
George Clooney Dr. Doug Ross (108 episodes, 1994-2000)
Director: Brett Fallis
Producer: Dee Johnson,Chris Misiano,Bruce Miller,Tom Park
Writer: Sonya Steele
Top notch weeknight television series
This show has been a remarkable, long-lasting hospital drama. The acting has been superb, and the story lines intelligent, and played out very well. The show has come down a bit in recent years. It can still be compelling, but it seems some of the acting is not quite up to what it used to be.

I still remember an episode (I believe it was in the second season), where Dr. Greene (Anthony Edwards) ended up misdiagnosing a pregnant woman. She went into labor in the parking lot, and ended up back in the ER, eventually dying after a horribly bloody delivery (Bradley Whitford from "West Wing" played the husband). I will never forget that episode as long as I live. That was truly one of the finest, and most heart-wrenching television episodes I had ever seen. The nightmare just wouldn't seem to end. Anthony Edwards was just remarkable. I felt emotionally drawn and worn-out after watching it. That just doesn't happen with television anymore.

This show can still be compelling, and it doesn't shy away from sensitive subjects. Like Doctors and Nurses in emergency rooms, it doesn't dwell on, and overdramatize things, but tries to portray them realistically, and then moves on. Although these doctors and nurses can be understandably prone to self-pity, the show doesn't dwell on it. These people have to pick up and carry on, and the show does also.

All in all, very intelligent and thoughtfully done, for the most part.

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Musician: Marty Davich
Running time: 44 min / Netherlands
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