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Bully (2001)
USA / English
"It's 4 a.m... do you know where your kids are? "
Based on a true story. Naive teenagers plot to murder one of their own, who has been too much of a bully to them.
Brad Renfro Marty Puccio
Rachel Miner Lisa Connelly
Bijou Phillips Ali Willis
Nick Stahl Bobby Kent
Michael Pitt Donny Semenec
Leo Fitzpatrick Derek Kaufman (The Hitman)
Kelli Garner Heather Swallers
Daniel Franzese Cousin Derek
Nathalie Paulding Claudia
Jessica Sutta Blonde
Ed Amatrudo Fred Kent (as Edward Amatrudo)
Steve Raulerson Mr. Willis (as Steven Raulerson)
Judy Clayton Mrs. Willis (as Judith Clayton)
Alan Lilly Mr. Puccio
Irene B. Colletti Mrs. Puccio
Director: Larry Clark
Producer: Chris Hanley,Don Murphy,Fernando Sulichin,David McKenna
Writer: Jim Schutze,David McKenna
I'd like to clear up some misconceptions about this movie
It seems that the reviews of this movie are rather bleak because people say that the director focused too much on sex and that this was not a realistic picture for teens. I watched the movie, and read the book, and I have another reference source- my mother was a juror for the court case State of Florida Vs. Ali Willis and Donny Semenec. She was sequestered for over a month and was told every piece of information about these two teenagers and their friends.

This sex/drug filled movie is a spot-on represenation of these kid's sad life. They had no future, no regrets, didn't go to school and yes, they had sex with each other a lot. From what my mother says, if you were to make a movie about them accurately, it would have to be close to 75% sex. The bully was bi-sexual and would force his best friend to have sex with him after he had raped his girlfriend. These kids were also not poor white trash, as their parents were very wealthy, and they drove nice cars.

I think the fact is some people cannot stomach the idea of these kids being real, so they blame the director for not interpreting the story correctly. This is a story of middle- upper class kids, kids like your sons and daughters.

I thought this movie was very good. 7.5/10

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Running time: 109 min (R-rated version) / USA
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