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Body Shots (1999)
USA / English
"Tonight it's for sex. Tomorrow it's for real. (Unrated VHS Version) "
A tale of the mysterious, but necessary, mating ritual between men and women of today and everything they think about sex but are afraid to say.
Sean Patrick Flanery Rick Hamilton
Jerry O'Connell Michael Penorisi
Amanda Peet Jane Bannister
Tara Reid Sara Olswang
Ron Livingston Trent
Emily Procter Whitney Bryant
Brad Rowe Shawn Denigan
Sybil Temtchine Emma Cooper (as Sybil Temchen)
Joe Basile Bartender
Scott Burkholder Man in Bar
Liz Coke Girl #2
Allison Dunbar Girl #3
Edmund Genest Sara's Dad
Adam Lieberman Burger Joint Cop (as Adam Gordon)
Mark Hicks Bodyguard
Director: Michael Cristofer
Producer: Harry Colomby,Jennifer Keohane
Writer: David McKenna
I liked this movie!
This movie didn't exactly capture the hearts of millions of people, but it got my attention. I personally enjoyed this movie, it was well directed, well acted, and it had a subtle message, and I like that in movies. I think the fact that the movie is based basically on sex, kinda throw's people opinions of it, but it really depicts sex, some of the insights I thought were pretty deep, my overall review is... its a good movie that will get you thinking.

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Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 4.7
Musician: Mark Isham
Running time: 103 min (R-rated version) / USA
Subtitles: inga
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