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Blue (2001)
Japan / Japanese
An introverted schoolgirl falls in love and starts a relationship with one of her classmates. Set in a small seaside town in Japan, the love of her life eventually leaves her for her boyfriend in Tokyo.
Kenzo Kawarazaki Teacher of world history
Sousuke Takaoka Manabu Mizuuchi
Jun Murakami Older guy
Asami Imajuku Mieko Nakano
Manami Konishi Masami Endo
Mikako Ichikawa Kayako Kirishima
Asahi Yoshida Teacher of art
Ayano Nakamura Chika Watanabe
Director: Hiroshi Ando
Producer: Dai Miyazaki
Writer: Kiriko Nananan,Yuka Honcho
No English subs on DVD...
When Blue had its too-short art house theatrical run, it was subtitled in English. Naturally I missed it, and recently picked up the DVD having heard raves. The DVD has no subtitles at all, which is somewhat baffling given that the translation work had already been done. Does anyone know of a source for a script, or an otherwise easily translatable source for the dialog? Several small theaters I've attended actually distributed typed scripts in English for films with spotty subtitles. If anyone had the dialog for Blue, I'd sure like to read it.

The movie's deliberate pace, calm tone and long uninterrupted takes (5-10 minutes in some cases) really set it apart from more conventional Japanese (and American) fare. Mikako Ichikawa, who may be known to some from her supporting roles in Cutie Honey and Jam Films 2's "Armchair Theory", is impressive. Her character's restraint and painful shyness comes across almost completely through her eyes. She seems almost impenetrable, yet fragile.

This story would have genuine appeal to the U.S. art cinema crowd. Anyone who enjoyed Ghost World could do a lot worse: Blue captures the outsider feel of Clowes' characters without the forced quirkiness.

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Storage device:Divx 1
Imdb rating: 5.7
Musician: Yoshihide Otomo
Running time: 116 min
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