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Blood Trails (2006)
Germany / English
""You can't outride death." "
Bike messenger Anne never imagined the horrific events that would unfold after her one-night-stand with stranger Chris.
Rebecca R. Palmer Anne (as Rebecca Palmer)
Ben Price Chris
Tom Frederic Michael
J.J. Straub Ranger
Kurt Rauscher Forest Worker 1
Johann Daiminger Forest Worker 2
Christian Heiner Wolf Policeman 1
Maximilian Boxrucker Policeman 2
Director: Robert Krause
Producer: Oliver Simon
Writer: Robert Krause,Florian Puchert
"Haute Tension" it ain't - I expected more.
Anne and her boyfriend are in the middle of conflict in their relationship.She has had a one-night-stand with some random policeman who for some reason is very angry with her.After meeting with her boyfriend they both decide to head up to the mountains to do some serious mountain biking.Soon they are stalked by a crazy one-night-stand guy.He kills Anne's boyfriend and everyone who tries to help Anne...Honestly "Blood Trails" doesn't deliver.The story is surprisingly dull and the killer is not menacing.There is a good amount of gore,unfortunately the lack of suspense is hard to forgive.The character of Anne is irritating and as a result I had no sympathy for her whatsoever.The acting is not bad and the cinematography is professional,but I expected more."Haute Tension" it ain't.5 out of 10.

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Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 3.8
Musician: Ben Bartlett
Running time: 87 min
Subtitles: inga
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