The Big White
Öga rött, Ett

Birth (2004)
USA / English
"Be careful what you wish for. "
A woman (Nicole Kidman) becomes convinced that a ten year old boy is the reincarnation of her dead husband.
Nicole Kidman Anna
Cameron Bright Young Sean
Danny Huston Joseph
Lauren Bacall Eleanor
Alison Elliott Laura
Arliss Howard Bob
Michael Desautels Sean
Anne Heche Clara
Peter Stormare Clifford
Ted Levine Mr. Conte
Cara Seymour Mrs. Conte
Joe M. Chalmers Sinclair
Novella Nelson Lee
Zoe Caldwell Mrs. Hill
Charles Goff Mr. Drummond
Director: Jonathan Glazer
Producer: Lizie Gower,Nick Morris,Jean-Louis Piel
Writer: Jean-Claude Carrière,Milo Addica
A Treat For the Art-house Crowd
If you see Birth, go in realizing it is an art-house film, not a mainstream thriller. If it didn't have Nicole Kidman in it, this film would be playing in less than 10 theaters in the country. But because of Kidman, it is playing in your local cineplex but this is not a film for the cineplex crowd. If you are looking for something like The Others, The Sixth Sense, or Ghost; do not see this film.

Birth is a film where atmosphere means more that dialog. This is not a fun film. The people in the film are very deadpan and do not smile; especially the child. Much has been made of the bath scene but that is actually one of the least radical parts of this film. The thing that will upset most people are the long close-ups without any dialog. Also, the conclusion does not tie up as many loose ends as a mainstream film. This film wants the viewer to think about it afterwards.

Nicole Kidman and Lauren Bacall are great but for me, Anne Heche almost stole the film with her small part. Also, the music is atmospheric and a real treat if you like symphonic music.

This is a beautiful film to look at and listen to. The story will keep you guessing which direction it is going to go. Whether you are happy with the outcome or not will probably depend on your expectations. Go into this film with an open mind. 9/10

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Storage device:Divx 4
Imdb rating: 6.0
Musician: Alexandre Desplat
Running time: 100 min
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