The Aristocrats
Öga rött, Ett

Art School Confidential (2006)
USA / English
"Who said anything about talent? "
Starting from childhood attempts at illustration, the protagonist pursues his true obsession to art school. But as he learns how the art world really works, he finds that he must adapt his vision to the reality that confronts him.
Max Minghella Jerome
Sophia Myles Audrey
John Malkovich Professor Sandiford
Jim Broadbent Jimmy
Matt Keeslar Jonah
Ethan Suplee Vince
Joel Moore Bardo (as Joel David Moore)
Nick Swardson Matthew
Anjelica Huston Art History Teacher
Adam Scott Marvin Bushmiller
Jack Ong Professor Okamura
Scoot McNairy Army-Jacket
Jeremy Guskin Eno
Monika Ramnath Flower
Isaac Laskin Kiss-Ass
Director: Terry Zwigoff
Producer: Lianne Halfon,John Malkovich,Russell Smith
Writer: Daniel Clowes,Daniel Clowes
very funny
I don't understand why this movie has attracted negative reviews. When I saw it the audience - including me - was laughing out loud. Sure, it isn't the cleverest film ever but it is unfailingly entertaining. The performances are great and the script is witty. The point is that Jerome can draw but is no great artist so from the beginning is never going to achieve his ambition to be Picasso. He is as much of a stereotype as everybody else. It is stated right from the start that everybody is a cliché - and ain't that the truth? We are all clichés. As Malkovich explains in the beginning art students are almost guaranteed disappointment. The audience isn't supposed to sympathise with Jerome - if you think you are then you have missed the point.

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Imdb rating: 6.4
Musician: David Kitay
Running time: 102 min / 102 min (Sundance Film Festival) / USA
Subtitles: engelska
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