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Amy's Orgasm (2001)
USA / English
"A kiss-and-tell-all comedy. "
Story of a 29-year-old Ivy League-educated, self-help author as she grudgingly falls for a shock-jock radio host with a reputation for hitting on his bimbo guests.
Julie Davis Amy Mandell
Nick Chinlund Matthew Starr
Caroline Aaron Janet Gaines
Mitchell Whitfield Don
Jennifer Bransford Elizabeth
Jeff Cesario Priest
Mary Ellen Trainor Amy's Mom
Charles Cioffi Amy's Dad
Tina Lifford Irene Barris
Michael Harris Jerry Hegeman
Vincent Castellanos Hans
Kira Reed Shannon Steele
Mark Brown Mike
Nell Balaban Tina
Wallace Kurth Beautiful Guy
Director: Julie Davis
Producer: Julie Davis,Fred Kramer
Writer: Julie Davis
interesting perspectives on sex and relationships
"Amy's Orgasm" certainly isn't the first film to consider sex and relationships from a woman's, or from women's, perspective(s), but it does feel unique in giving frequently visited material a fresh, sassy, and daring treatment not frequently seen.

Julie Davis has crafted a script that, for the most part, is crisp and pops with great dialogue. The narrative/plot is strained in some parts, but I'm a sappy romantic and fell for the film overall nonetheless.

Nick Chinlund is the male lead, starring here as a sleaze-baggy radio shock jock who also happens to be quite sexy. I recognized Chinlund from a great spot he did on The X-Files; it was nice to see him in an entirely different role and working the script and his scenes with Davis, the co-star *and* writer/director, very, very well.

Caroline Aaron is terrific in her supporting role, too. She gives the kind of scene-stealing performance that should attract attention from critics.

Overall, "Amy's Orgasm" is a well-acted romantic comedy that takes some pretty interesting risks. As a writer and director, Davis still manages to say something about sex and relationships and is able to do so in a manner slightly different than what we're used to seeing from most other films.

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Imdb rating: 5.2
Musician: Miriam Cutler
Running time: 87 min
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Dolby Digital 5.1 [English]; Stereo [English]
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