Ali: Fear Eats the Soul

Edward Scissorhands (1990)
"His scars run deep "
Johnny Depp Edward Scissorhands
Winona Ryder Kim
Dianne Wiest Peg
Anthony Michael Hall Jim
Kathy Baker Joyce
Robert Oliveri Kevin
Conchata Ferrell Helen
Caroline Aaron Marge
Dick Anthony Williams Officer Allen
O-Lan Jones Esmeralda
Vincent Price The Inventor
Alan Arkin Bill
Susan Blommaert Tinka (as Susan J. Blommaert)
Linda Perri Cissy (as Linda Perry)
John Davidson Host-TV
Biff Yeager George
Marti Greenberg Suzanne
Bryan Larkin Max
John McMahon Denny
Victoria Price TV Newswoman
Stuart Lancaster Retired Man
Gina Gallagher Granddaughter
Aaron Lustig Psychologist
Alan Fudge Loan Officer
Steven Brill Dishwasher Man
Peter Palmer Editor
Marc Macaulay Reporter
Carmen J. Alexander Reporter
Brett Rice Reporter
Andrew B. Clark Beefy Man (as Andrew Clark)
Kelli Crofton Pink Girl
Linda Jean Hess Older Woman / TV
Rosalyn Thomson Young Woman / TV
Lee Ralls Red-Haired Woman / TV
Eileen Meurer Teenage Girl / TV
Bea Albano Rich Widow / TV
Donna Pieroni Blonde / TV
Ken DeVaul Policeman
Michael Gaughan Policeman
Tricia Lloyd Teenage Girl
Kathy Dombo Other Teen
Rex Fox Police Sergeant
Sherry Ferguson Max's Mother
Tabetha Thomas Little Girl on Bike
Tammy Boalo Neighborhood Extra
Jackie Carson Neighborhood Extra
Carol Crumrine Neighborhood Extra
Suzanne Chrosniak Neighborhood Extra
Ellin Dennis Neighborhood Extra
Kathy Fleming Neighborhood Extra
Jalaine Gallion Neighborhood Extra
Miriam Goodspeed Neighborhood Extra
Dianne L. Green Neighborhood Extra
Mary Jane Heath Neighborhood Extra
Carol D. Klasek Neighborhood Extra
Laura Nader Neighborhood Extra
Doyle Anderson Neighborhood Extra
Harvey Bellman Neighborhood Extra
Michael Brown Neighborhood Extra
Gary Clark Neighborhood Extra
Roland Douville Neighborhood Extra
Russell E. Green Neighborhood Extra
Cecil Hawkins Neighborhood Extra
Jack W. Kapfhamer Neighborhood Extra
Bill Klein Neighborhood Extra
Phil Olson Neighborhood Extra
Joe Sheldon Neighborhood Extra
James Spicer Neighborhood Extra
Nick Carter Neighborhood Extra (uncredited)
L.A. Rothman Girl in Diner (uncredited)
Producer: Tim Burton,Denise Di Novi
Writer: Tim Burton,Caroline Thompson
A dark fairy tale about a man who only wanted to fit in
Tim Burton is director of certain understanding, and if you can look at his movies through his thought, then you realize that all of his movies are masterpieces.

Johnny Depp is definatly one of my favorite actors because he puts so much passion into them. This was his first movie with Tim and how he met Wynonia, he is a gifted actor.

I remember watching this movie as a child and relating to Edward. Because the power of wanting to fit in is so incredably sad and hard. And if you do fit in with others, you feel sometimes that you haven't been truthful to yourself. And that's why I love this movie. Because I didn't see just a movie, but I almost saw myself trying to fit in as a child.


Storage device:DVD
Imdb rating: 7.9
Musician: Danny Elfman
Running time: 105 min
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