Ali: Fear Eats the Soul

War (2007)
"Vengence is the ultimate weapon. "
Jet Li Rogue
Jason Statham Special Agent Jack Crawford
John Lone Li Chang
Devon Aoki Kira Yanagawa
Luis Guzmán Benny
Saul Rubinek Dr. Sherman
Ryo Ishibashi Shiro Yanagawa
Sung Kang Special Agent Goi
Mathew St. Patrick Special Agent Wick
Nadine Velazquez Maria
Andrea Roth Jenny Crawford
Kenneth Choi Takada
Mark Cheng Wu Ti
Kane Kosugi Temple Garden Warrior
Kennedy Montano Ana Chang
Terry Chen Special Agent Tom Lone
Steph Song Diane Lone
Annika Foo Amy Lone
Nicholas Elia Daniel Crawford
Eric Keenleyside Leevie
Paul Jarrett Detective Gleason
Johnson Phan Joey Ti
Jung-Yul Kim Yuzo
Hiro Kanagawa Yoshido
Wilken Yam Wong
Aaron Au Eddie
Mark Louie Lau
Jennifer Chung Zero Teenage Girl
Lucy Lu Zero Hooker
Randy Lee Zero Yakuza Making Love
Derek Lowe Zero Surviving Yanagawa Mobster
John Novak Captain Andrews
Don Lew Yakuza Warrior
Warren Takahachi Harbor Yanagawa Lt.
Nels Lennarson Harbor Wu Police Officer
Peter Shinkoda Harbor Yanagawa Shatei
Meghan Flather Chinese Call Girl
Thi Tran Benny's Girl
Mitchell A. Lee Yuen Freelancer #1 (as Mitch Yuen)
Brian Ho Freelancer #2
Larry Lam Yanagawa Assassin
Nadia Farès Jade Agent Kinler
Aaron Pearl Jade Agent Clark
Timothy Paul Perez Mexican Interpol Agent
Allan Lysell Cabin Policeman
Shawn Stewart Mahjong Bouncer #1
Dario Delacio Mahjong Bouncer #2
Brett Chan Wu Ti Buddy
Takashi Kanamori Card Dealer
Paulina Bui Kabuki Dancer #1
Angela Fong Kabuki Dancer #2
Stephanie Poon Kabuki Dancer #3
Producer: Steve Chasman,Christopher Petzel,Jim Thompson
Writer: Lee Anthony Smith,Gregory J. Bradley
Several Weaknesses Mar This Good Film
"War" is a serious, sophisticated, powerful action-thriller with a decent plot and good performances, especially by Jet Li. The sound effects, music, and action work together to rip the tension down off the screen. This is wonderful example of no-nonsense, make do without the stupid jokes and rapport and focus on the methodical psyche on both on the part of the characters on the screen and the audience. Unfortunately, the accumulation of weak spots and a rather abrupt and discordant ending almost ruin this movie. There is one scene where Jet Li's actions as a master assassin is sorely tests credibility by how easily he is discovered and almost caught and there is a another scene where Jet Li's facial expression is caught revealing something other than the stoic, stern look in the most obvious scene as if to say let's try to show the audience that he's really OK. Chang's wife, the Chinese Triad, in the scene which she has an opportunity to speak to Jet Li alone seems incredibly amateurish, unpolished as a performance, almost droning artificial from the rest of the movie. While there is great action and fighting in this movie, there is one fight scene where it becomes so furious, even in the beginning, that it's impossible to follow what is happening to whom whereby the story gets jumbled and collapses partially - becoming fighting for fighting sake whereas a great director would have been able to save the plot outline even in this complicated and physically well-executed stretch of the movie. Jason Statham's seems to have martial arts skills above his job classification which make it sometimes a bit incredible, but still enjoyable. By the time the twist comes along, it's actually quite a nice one, but not executed with the greatest of credibility, it just doesn't seem plausible that it could have happened the way it did. Finally, the ending just isn't as well done as the rest of the movie, it just seems to lose power somewhat and end abruptly without a sense of cinematic satisfaction. These critical comments do not however sufficiently take away from the movie to transform it into a bad or even mediocre movie. This is overall a good, compelling, and rather complicatedly sublime movie. This movie is rich with action, sound with its characters that sometimes plays out as a psychological thriller and Shakespearean caliber. It could have, however, been a really great movie.

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Imdb rating: 6.2
Musician: Brian Tyler
Running time: 103 min
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