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Annie Hall (1977)
"A nervous romance."
Neurotic New York comedian Alvy Singer falls in love with the ditsy Annie Hall.
Woody Allen Alvy Singer
Diane Keaton Annie Hall
Tony Roberts Rob
Carol Kane Allison
Paul Simon Tony Lacey
Shelley Duvall Pam
Janet Margolin Robin
Colleen Dewhurst Mrs. Hall
Christopher Walken Duane Hall
Donald Symington Mr. Hall
Helen Ludlam Grammy Hall
Mordecai Lawner Mr. Singer
Joan Neuman Mrs. Singer (as Joan Newman)
Jonathan Munk Alvy Singer - Age 9
Ruth Volner Alvy's Aunt
Martin Rosenblatt Alvy's Uncle
Hy Anzell Joey Nichols (as Hy Ansel)
Rashel Novikoff Aunt Tessie
Russell Horton Man in Theatre Line
Marshall McLuhan Himself
Christine Jones Dorrie
Mary Boylan Miss Reed
Wendy Girard Janet
John Doumanian Coke Fiend
Bob Maroff Man #1 Outside Theatre
Rick Petrucelli Man #2 Outside Theatre
Lee Callahan Ticket Seller at Theatre
Chris Gampel Doctor in Brooklyn
Dick Cavett Himself
Mark Lenard Navy Officer on Dick Cavett Show
Dan Ruskin Comedian at Rally
John Glover Actor Boyfriend
Bernie Styles Comic's Agent
Johnny Haymer Comic
Ved Bandhu Maharishi
John Dennis Johnston L.A. Policeman
Laurie Bird Tony Lacey's Girlfriend (as Lauri Bird)
Jim McKrell Lacey Party Guest
Jeff Goldblum Lacey Party Guest
William Callaway Lacey Party Guest
Roger Newman Lacey Party Guest
Alan Landers Lacey Party Guest
Jean Sarah Frost Lacey Party Guest
Vince O'Brien Hotel Doctor
Humphrey Davis Alvy's Psychiatrist
Veronica Radburn Annie's Psychiatrist
Robin Mary Paris Actress in Rehearsal
Charles Levin Actor in Rehearsal
Wayne Carson Rehearsal Stage Manager
Michael Karm Rehearsal Director
Petronia Johnson Tony's Date at Nightclub
Shaun Casey Tony's Date at Nightclub
Ricardo Bertoni Waiter #1 at Nightclub
Michael Aronin Waiter #2 at Nightclub
Lou Picetti Street Stranger
Loretta Tupper Street Stranger
James Burge Street Stranger
Shelley Hack Street Stranger (as Shelly Hack)
Albert Ottenheimer Street Stranger
Paula Trueman Street Stranger
Beverly D'Angelo Actress in Rob's TV Show
Tracey Walter Actor in Rob's TV Show
David Wier Alvy's Classmate
Keith Dentice Alvy's Classmate
Susan Mellinger Alvy's Classmate
Hamit Perezic Alvy's Classmate
James Balter Alvy's Classmate
Eric Gould Alvy's Classmate
Amy Levitan Alvy's Classmate
Gary Allen School Teacher
Frank Vohs School Teacher
Sybil Bowan School Teacher
Margaretta Warwick School Teacher
Lucy Lee Flippin Waitress at Health Food Restaurant (as Lucy Lee Flippen)
Gary Mule Deer Man at Health Food Restaurant (as Gary Muledeer)
Sigourney Weaver Alvy's Date Outside Theatre
Walter Bernstein Annie's Date Outside Theatre
Danny Aiello (scenes deleted)
Harvey Fierstein (scenes deleted)
Truman Capote Truman Capote Look-Alike
Producer: Charles H. Joffe,Jack Rollins
Writer: Woody Allen,Marshall Brickman
A masterpiece, when you think about it
Sometimes I wish Woody Allen was cool and self confident, and not always nervous, unsure and geeky all the time. But you can't deny that he's a very intelligent person. His best film, the quiet and understated masterpiece "Annie Hall", is so full of jokes and inventive style it can make your head spin. Actually, this is one film I wish I had a script of so I could slowly read all those dialogs which are being said too fast. In 1978 "Annie Hall" beat "Star Wars" and won 4 Oscars ( Best picture, director, screenplay, actress Diane Keaton ) and one Golden Globe ( Best actress Diane Keaton ).


The simple comedy about a romance between the New York comedian Alvy and Annie is enriched by tons of emotions and inventive film techniques which even Jean-Luc Godard would be jealous of. In one scene Alvy is talking to Annie about art while the subtitles are presenting his *real* words, about how he wants to take her out! In the other they are having intercourse in bed while Annie's ghost/mind is absent and sitting on a chair! Alvy is walking down the street and saying how he watched the animated movie "Snow White and the seven dwarfs" and fell in love with the witch and presto, in the next scene he is drawn in animation in the middle of that film, having an argument with his lover, the witch. The list goes on and on.

I remember that I couldn't watch this film when I was a kid. I found it to be too boring. But today I completely understand it. You just have to think about it. Like when Alvy is so happy he says to Annie that he doesn't just love her, but that he "luurves her, loaves her and luuf's her." Also, some of the gags are simply quietly hilarious, like when the hero is narrating his society as a child, commenting on everything ( "Those who don't know nothing, teach. Those who don't know how to teach, teach gym. And those don't know even that, teach at our school." ).

Grade: 10/10

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Imdb rating: 8.2
Running time: 93 min
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Dolby Digital 5.1 [English]
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