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Michael Clayton (2007)
"The Truth Can Be Adjusted"
An attorney known as the Fixer in his law firm comes across the biggest case of his career that could produce disastrous results for those involved.
Tom Wilkinson Arthur Edens
Michael O'Keefe Barry Grissom
Sydney Pollack Marty Bach
Danielle Skraastad Bridget Klein
Tilda Swinton Karen Crowder
George Clooney Michael Clayton
Wai Chan Chinese Dealer
Alberto Vazquez Player #1
Brian Koppelman Player #2
Thomas McCarthy Walter
Denis O'Hare Mr. Greer
Julie White Mrs. Greer
Austin Williams Henry Clayton
Jennifer Van Dyck Ivy
Frank Wood Gerald
Richard Hecht Auctioneer
Bill Raymond Gabe Zabel
Jonathan Walker Del (voice)
Sharon Washington Pam
Cynthia Mace Wendy (voice)
Michael Countryman Evan (voice)
Ken Howard Don Jefferies
Amy Hargreaves Interviewer
Susan Pellegrino Secretary
Rachel Black Maude
Matthew Detmer Todd
John Douglas Thompson Jail Guard
Merritt Wever Anna Kaiserson
Brian Poteat Deposition Lawyer
Christopher Mann Lieutenant Elston
Edward Furs Milwaukee Captain
Katherine Waterston Third Year
John Gerard Franklin Correction Officer
Remy Auberjonois Fifth Year
Pun Bandhu Fourth Year
Jason Strong First Year
Robert Prescott Mr. Verne
Paul Oquist Caddy
Terry Serpico Mr. Iker
Heidi Armbruster Anna's Sister
Pamela Gray Cindy Bach
Andrew Hunter Sherman UNorth (voice) (as Andrew Sherman)
Kevin Hagan Raymond Clayton
Julia Gibson Stephanie Clayton
Sean Cullen Det. Gene Clayton
Susan Egbert Michelle
David Lansbury Timmy Clayton
David Zayas Detective Dalberto
Douglas McGrath Jeff Gaffney
Gregory Dann Cop
Cathy Diane Tomlin Cop #2
Sam Gilroy Copy Kid
Maggie Siff Attorney #1
Sarah Nichols Barry's Assistant
Susan McBrien Jean
Jordan Lage Partner
Neal Huff First Associate
Paul Juhn Second Associate
Producer: Jennifer Fox,Kerry Orent,Sydney Pollack,Steve Samuels
Writer: Tony Gilroy
Lacks suspense, moral dilemma not shown in a compelling way
I was really disappointed in this movie. It was just okay. I do not agree with the level of critical acclaim is has received. It was a decent (but not great) character study. It lacked any real suspense. It was pretty simple story that tried to appear complex.

I think there were great individual acting performances, but I think something was lacking in the relationships between the story's main characters, which made it not compelling enough.

One of the biggest reasons for the lack of suspense is that the flash-forward opening killed any possibilities of suspense in the movie's later scenes. The first 10 minutes shows the audience what will happen in the end, which makes a late-in-the-movie "car chase" not really a car chase (we know where he's headed!) among other spoiled moments. So instead the end just feels long and drawn out.

I am not one who needs a lot of flashy action sequences to keep me interested in a story, so that is not my complaint. But even the psychological suspense was lacking. This movie was a story that showed Michael Clayton caught in the midst of a corrupt situation, and it showed how another character's guilt pulled him into madness. However, the insane character was already insane from the get-go, and Michael Clayton never was faced with a really juicy moral dilemma where BOTH choices are bad. I love movies where as an audience member I question what I'd do because the situation is so precarious. Instead, I was bored, waiting for Michael to get on with what was so obviously coming.

A better psychological thriller/character study involving moral dilemma is "Breach." I recommend that over "Michael Clayton" any day.

Storage device:DVD
Imdb rating: 7.7
Musician: James Newton Howard
Running time: 119 min
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Dolby Digital 5.1 [English]
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