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The King of Comedy (1983)
". . and when it's all over one of them won't be laughing "
Aspiring comic Rupert Pupkin wants to achieve success in showbiz, by resorting to stalking his idol, a late night talk show host who craves his own privacy.
Robert De Niro Rupert Pupkin
Jerry Lewis Jerry Langford
Diahnne Abbott Rita Keane
Sandra Bernhard Masha
Shelley Hack Cathy Long
Ed Herlihy Himself
Lou Brown Band leader
Loretta Tupper Stage Door Fan
Peter Potulski Stage Door Fan
Vinnie Gonzales Stage Door Fan
Whitey Ryan Stage Door Guard
Doc Lawless Chauffeur
Marta Heflin Young Girl
Katherine Wallach Autograph Seeker
Charles Kaleina Autograph Seeker
Richard Baratz Caricaturist
Catherine Scorsese Rupert's Mom
Cathy Scorsese Dolores
Chuck Low Man in Chinese Restaurant (as Chuck L. Low)
Liza Minnelli Herself
Leslie Levinson Roberta Posner
Alan Potashnick Man at Telephone
Michael Kolba Man at Telephone
Robert Colston Man at Telephone
Ramón Rodríguez Man at telephone (as Ramon Rodríguez)
Chuck Coop Man at Telephone
Sel Vitella Man at Telephone
Margo Winkler Receptionist
Tony Boschetti Mr. Gangemi
Mick Jones Street Scum
Joe Strummer Street Scum
Paul Simonon Street Scum (as Paul Simmion)
Kosmo Vynil Street Scum
Ellen Foley Street Scum
Pearl Harbour Street Scum
Gary Salter Street Scum
Jerry Baxter-Worman Street Scum
Don Letts Street Scum (as Dom Letts)
Matt Russo Cabbie
Thelma Lee Woman in Telephone Booth
Joyce Brothers Herself (as Dr. Joyce Brothers)
George Kapp Mystery Guest
Victor Borge Himself
Ralph Monaco Raymond Wirtz
Rob-Jamere Wess Security Guard
Kim Chan Jonno
Audrey Dummett Cook
June Prud'Homme Audrey
Frederick De Cordova Bert Thomas (as Fred De Cordova)
Edgar J. Scherick Wilson Crockett
Thomas M. Tolan Gerrity
Ray Dittrich Giardello
Richard Dioguardi Captain Burke
Jay Julien Langford's Lawyer
Harry J. Ufland Langford's Agent (as Harry Ufland)
Scotty Bloch Crockett's Secretary
Jim Lyness Ticket Taker
Bill Minkin Clarence McCabe
Diane Rachell McCabe's Wife
Dennis Mulligan Plainclothesman
Tony Devon Plainclothesman
Peter Fain Plainclothesman
Michael F. Stodden Plainclothesman
Gerard Murphy Plainclothesman (as Jerry Murphy)
Jimmy Raitt Stage Manager
Martin Scorsese TV Director
Tony Randall Himself
Charles Scorsese First Man at Bar
Mardik Martin Second Man at Bar
Bill Jorgensen Voice of Newsman (voice) (as William Jorgensen)
Marvin Scott Voice of Newsman (voice)
Chuck Stevens Voice of Newsman (voice)
William Litauer Voice of Newsman (voice)
Jeff David Announcer
Allan Baker Audience Member (uncredited)
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio Extra in crowd scene (uncredited)
Mike Tremont Talk Show Contestant (uncredited)
Producer: Arnon Milchan
Writer: Paul D. Zimmerman
I love it. Uncontested first-rate masterpiece from Scorsese.
Martin Scorsese's clever, inventive and splendidly witty little masterpiece "The King of Comedy" was highly underrated 19 years ago but nowadays it rightfully gets more of that appreciation it undoubtably deserves. My favorite Scorsese-flick will naturally always be the massively celebrated "Goodfellas" but yes, this is number two in my books (I love it even more than "Taxi driver", even though it's a perfect film too).

Both "Goodfellas" and "The King of Comedy" are in my all time favorite Top 10. Robert De Niro makes the very best comedic performance of his whole career as a wannabe-famous stand-up comedian Rupert Pupkin. Just observe his sensational, sharp and devoted acting in "King of comedy" and you will truly have the great pleasure of seeing a real genius at work.

Elderly Jerry Lewis is also marvelous as the melancholic and cheerless Jerry Langford. This is Lewis' best role as an aged actor and it has absolutely nothing to got to do with the vivid pre-Jim Carrey stuff he used to do in the 50's-60's. Although he made the biggest hits of his career back then "The King of Comedy" is one of his greatest achievements as a real, talented actor and not just a clown (Nothing wrong with the clown, though. I do love old Lewis comedies too).

People who claim this movie is not a comedy: I can surely agree but not without reserve. Of course this is not the traditional comedy, that goes without saying and the humor we have is very odd and black. However this is a film that really makes me laugh. Laugh a lot. Characters, acting and script are so bloody hilarious and the unbelievable story is incredibly funny I can't help of loving every single scene. This is exactly what I would call a perfect film. 10/10.

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Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 7.6
Running time: 109 min
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Stereo [English]
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