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Talk to her(2002)
Two men share an odd friendship while they care for their girlfriends who are both in deep comas.
Javier Cámara Benigno Martín
Darío Grandinetti Marco Zuluaga
Leonor Watling Alicia
Rosario Flores Lydia González
Mariola Fuentes Rosa
Geraldine Chaplin Katerina Bilova
Pina Bausch Bailarina 'Café Müller'
Malou Airaudo Bailarine 'Café Müller' (Dancer)
Caetano Veloso Singer at party - "Cucurrucucú Paloma"
Roberto Álvarez Doctor
Elena Anaya Ángela
Lola Dueñas Matilde
Adolfo Fernández Niño de Valencia
Ana Fernández Hermana de Lydia
Chus Lampreave Portera
Loles León Presentadora de TV
Fele Martínez Alfredo
Helio Pedregal Padre de Alicia
José Sancho Agente Niño de Valencia
Paz Vega Amparo
Beatriz Santiago Enfermera A
Juan Fernández Director Prisión
Carmen Machi Enfermera Jefe
Ismael Martínez Enfermero
Joserra Cadiñanos Director Hospital
Ángel Infante Yiyo (as Angel Infantes 'Yiyo')
Agustín Almodóvar Cura
Adela Donamaría Recepcionista psiquiatra
Carlos García Cambero Cuñado de Lydia
Esther García Oficial
Lola García Recepcionista Hospital
Sonia Grande Madre de Alfredo
Ben Lindbergh Ben
Carlos Miguel Oficial (as Carlos Miguel Miguel)
Michel Ruben Abogado
Ana Sanz Empleada Academia de baile
Jean-Laurent Sasportes Bailarín 'Café Müller'
Nazareth Panadero Bailarín 'Café Müller'
Dominique Mercy Bailarín 'Café Müller' / 'Masurca fogo'
Michael Strecker Bailarín 'Café Müller' / 'Masurca fogo'
Ruth Amarante Bailarina 'Masurca fogo'
Aida Vainieri Bailarina 'Masurca fogo'
Rainer Behr Bailarina 'Masurca fogo'
Stephen Brinkmann Bailarina 'Masurca fogo'
Jorge Puerta Bailarín 'Masurca fogo'
Daphnis Kokkinos Bailarín 'Masurca fogo'
Fernando Suels Bailarín 'Masurca fogo'
Fabien Prioville Bailarín 'Masurca fogo'
Cristiana Morganti Bailarina 'Masurca fogo'
Julie Shanahan Bailarina 'Masurca fogo'
Melanie Maurin Bailarina 'Masurca fogo'
Ditta Jasjfi Bailarina 'Masurca fogo'
Azusa Seyama Bailarina 'Masurca fogo'
Barbara Hampel Bailarina 'Masurca fogo'
Regina Advento Bailarina 'Masurca fogo'
Andrey Berezin Bailarín 'Masurca fogo'
Catalina Arteaga Profesora Danza
Víctor Matos Pianista
Raquel Aguilera Bailarina Academia
Vicente Palomo Bailarín Academia
Lucía Barbadillo Bailarina Academia
Raquel Rey Bailarina Academia
Miguel Ángel Bolo Bailarín Academia
Raúl Montes Bailarín Academia
Rayco Cano Bailarín Academia
Natalia Rook Bailarina Academia
Lara Hernandorena Bailarina Academia
Benoit Causse Bailarín Academia
Isaac Monllor Bailarín Academia
Marina Jiménez Bailarina Academia
Alejandro Tous
Joaquín Abad Enfermero de la sala (uncredited)
Elena Benarroch Invitada fiesta (uncredited)
Yuyi Beringola Recepcionista abogado (uncredited)
Javier Conde Torero (uncredited)
Paola Dominguín Invitada fiesta (uncredited)
Fernando Guillén Cuervo Doctor (uncredited)
Fernando Iglesias Swimmer (uncredited)
Martirio Invitada fiesta (uncredited)
Marisa Paredes Invitada fiesta (uncredited)
Cecilia Roth Invitada fiesta (uncredited)
Mamen Segovia Nurse B (uncredited)
Writer: Pedro Almodóvar
Cinema heaven
Benigno and Marco are both lonely men, Marco because his lover, a woman bullfighter, is in a coma, Benigno, a thirty-year old virgin Momma's boy, from habit. Both are in love, too (Benigno, a male nurse at the clinic, slavishly tends Alicia, a comatose accident victim, for a living). It is he who gives Marco, with whom he strikes up a friendship, the eponymous advice: talk, and your heartfelt monologue will be more meaningful and therapeutic than any marital dialogue.

Seeing Almodóvar's latest film was one of the most pleasurable cinema experiences I have had for some time. He has over the years amassed the technical skill and maturity to put across quite complex stories in a deceptively simple language. From the shock tactics and punk aesthetics of Pepi, Luci, Bom, y otras chicas del montón (1980), to the Oscar-winning melodrama of All About My Mother (1999), he had already come a long way. Here, finally, was an interweaving of the lives of disparate characters that was not only unabashed in its excess (it always had been), it actually made you care – deeply.

More bullfighting

At first sight Hable con ella looks like being another case study in that famously offbeat, not to say queer, book of life according to Pedro. Almodóvar's scenarios have been no strangers to sex, drugs, and heartrending canción (a particular brand of overwrought singing which knows no real Anglo-Saxon equivalent). In Hable con ella we have bullfighting, a theme he used as an excuse for kinky sex in Matador, given a contemporary treatment in the person of 'torera', Lydia (female bullfighters are indeed beginning to compete in a man's profession). Here too we have the apparently off-the-wall and by now notorious scene from the film-within-the-film, El Amante Minguante, in which a shrunken hero takes refuge in his lover's vagina for protection. But neither is gratuitous gesture: Lydia is designed to counterpoint Marco's almost feminine sensitivity, and the latter sequence, far from being there to shock, is a metaphor to spare us a far more harrowing, and morally problematic, plot truth. The ability to turn kitsch into art is increasingly one of Almodóvar's defining features.


While he often refers to other artforms in his films (reality TV in Kika, Ruth Rendell in Live Flesh, canción in High Heels), since All About My Mother the technique has become more assured. Where that film was a paean to female suffering, via All About Eve and A Streetcar Named Desire, in Hable con ella we have two men sharing a tear over a performance by the dancer Pina Bausch. Other references are the Brazilian singer Caetano Veloso, who sings at a party attended by (uncredited) Cecilia Roth and Marisa Paredes (from Mother), and Michael Cunningham, whose novel The Hours similarly has a tripartite structure where each section deepens and sheds light on the others ('tunnels in caves'). In other words the post-modernist borrowing is rendered invisible by being absorbed into the drama: it is not post-modern any more.

Almodóvar's choice to make a film about the loneliness and longing of men is a courageous one for a very private celebrity, a gamble to follow what might have been the peak of his career, and one which whets our appetite for what is to come.

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Imdb rating: 8.0
Musician: Alberto Iglesias
Running time: 112 min
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Stereo (spanish)
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Original title: Hable con ella
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