10,000 BC

Pi (1998)
"faith in chaos "
A paranoid mathematician searches for a key number that will unlock the universal patterns found in nature.
Sean Gullette Maximillian Cohen
Mark Margolis Sol Robeson
Ben Shenkman Lenny Meyer
Pamela Hart Marcy Dawson
Stephen Pearlman Rabbi Cohen
Samia Shoaib Devi
Ajay Naidu Farroukh
Kristyn Mae-Anne Lao Jenna
Espher Lao Nieves Jenna's Mom
Joanne Gordon Mrs. Ovadia
Lauren Fox Jenny Robeson
Stanley Herman Moustacheless Man
Clint Mansell Photographer
Tom Tumminello Ephraim
Ari Handel Kabbala Scholar
Oren Sarch Kabbala Scholar
Lloyd J. Schwartz Kabbala Scholar (as Lloyd Schwartz)
Richard Lifschutz Kabbala Scholar
David Strahlberg Kabbala Scholar
Peter Cheyenne Brad
David Tawil Jake
J.C. Islander Man Presenting Suitcase
Abraham Aronofsky Man Delivering Suitcase
Ray Seiden Transit Cop
Scott Franklin Transit Cop (voice)
Chris Johnson Limo Driver
Sal Monte King Neptune
Producer: Eric Watson
Writer: Darren Aronofsky,Sean Gullette
A Flat Out Great Indie Film
This screenplay must have been turned down one hundred times before someone would finance it. I don't blame them. However, what could have been a travesty was saved by great acting, directing, cinematography, and sound. This brilliant/bizarre film turns a genius's quest to find the code for Wall Street into an adventure that engulfs all of human existence, and God. A brilliant example of how proper film making can turn straw into gold. Some viewers may be put off by the bizarre fits the main character faces, or the intrusion of complex mathematics into film, forcing the viewer to think, but if you watch this film, you will be rewarded a unique movie-going experience few other films will give you. This film gives you a look into the mind of man plagued by the genius he was given.

Nr of disks/tapes:1
User credit 1:1001 movies you must see before you die
User credit 2:937
Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 7.5
Musician: Clint Mansell
Running time: 84 min
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Stereo [English]
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