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Philadelphia (1993)
"No one would take on his case... until one man was willing to take on the system."
When a man with AIDS is fired by a conservative law firm because of his condition, he hires a homophobic small time lawyer as the only willing advocate for a wrongful dismissal suit.
Tom Hanks Andrew Beckett
Denzel Washington Joe Miller
Roberta Maxwell Judge Tate
Buzz Kilman Crutches
Karen Finley Dr. Gillman
Daniel Chapman Clinic Storyteller
Mark Sorensen Jr. Clinic Patient
Jeffrey Williamson Tyrone
Charles Glenn Kenneth Killcoyne
Ron Vawter Bob Seidman
Anna Deavere Smith Anthea Burton
Stephanie Roth Haberle Rachel Smilow (as Stephanie Roth)
Lisa Talerico Shelby
Joanne Woodward Sarah Beckett
Jason Robards Charles Wheeler
Robert Ridgely Walter Kenton
Chandra Wilson Chandra
Ford Wheeler Alan
David Drake Bruno
Peter Jacobs Peter / Mona Lisa
Antonio Banderas Miguel Alvarez
Paul Lazar Dr. Klenstein
Bradley Whitford Jamey Collins
Lisa Summerour Lisa Miller
Freddie Foxxx Hospital Patient
Paul Moore Hospital Patient
Warren Miller Mr. Finley
Lauren Roselli Iris
Jane Moore Lydia Glines
Joey Perillo Filko
Bill Rowe Dr. Armbruster
Dennis Radesky Santa Claus
Glen Hartell Library Guard
Tracey Walter Librarian
John Ignarri Young Man in Library
Richard Ehrlich Young Man in Library
Julius Erving Himself
Ann Dowd Jill Beckett
Katie Lintner Alexis
Peg French The Bronte Sisters
Ann Howard The Bronte Sisters
Meghan Tepas Meghan
John Bedford Lloyd Matt Beckett
Robert W. Castle Bud Beckett (as Robert Castle)
Molly Hickok Molly Beckett
Dan Olmstead Randy Beckett
Elizabeth Roby Elizabeth Beckett
Adam LeFevre Jill's Husband
Gary Goetzman Guido Paonessa
Daniel von Bargen Jury Foreman
Melissa Fraser Brown Juror
Jordan Cael Juror
Dodie Demme Juror
Patricia Greenwell Juror
Donovan Mannato Juror
Harry Northup Juror
Steven Scales Juror
Billy Ray Tyson Juror
Kenneth Utt Juror
Steve Vignari Juror
Lawrence T. Wrentz Juror
Mary Steenburgen Belinda Conine
Obba Babatundé Jerome Green
James B. Howard Dexter Smith
Charles Techman Ralph Peterson
Charles Napier Judge Garnett
Roger Corman Mr. Laird
Jim Roche Not Adam and Steve
Donna Hamilton Angela Medina
Edward Rendell Himself (as Mayor Edward Rendell)
Daniel Wolff Filko's Buddy
John T. O'Connell Macho Barfly
Edward Kirkland Cousin Eddie
Tony Fitzpatrick Bartender
Kathryn Witt Melissa Benedict
Debra H. Ballard Court Stenographer
Andre B. Blake Young Man in Pharmacy (as André B. Blake)
Ira Flitter Andrew's Friend
Gene Borkan Bailiff
Jon Arterton The Flirtations
Michael Callen The Flirtations
Aurelio Font The Flirtations
Jimmy Rutland The Flirtations
Cliff Townsend The Flirtations
Q. Lazzarus Party Singer
Lucas Platt Robert
Jiggs Walker Punchline (as Lewis Walker)
Carmen Mahiques Miguel's Mom
José Castillo Miguel's Dad
Leigh Smiley Younger Sarah Beckett
Philip Joseph 'PJ' McGee Child Andrew
Robert Breslo
Valerio Bevilacqua Hot dog stand (uncredited)
Roy Blount Jr. Partygoer (uncredited)
Bob Bowersox PR Director (uncredited)
Quentin Crisp Guest at Party (uncredited)
Tony Devon Security Guard (uncredited)
Randy Aaron Fink Emergency Room Doctor (uncredited)
Tak Fujimoto Doctor (uncredited)
Jaime Gomez Guy in Library (uncredited)
Ana Leza Guest (uncredited)
Producer: Jonathan Demme,Edward Saxon
Writer: Ron Nyswaner
Moving and Powerful! Demme shines!
Jonathan Demme's "Philadelphia" throws us into a world of pain and stark truth that is few and far between in mainstream cinema. The sheer idea that a film would so blatantly take on the difficulty of AIDS and homosexuality, helmed by the director of "Silence of the Lambs", the actor in "Big" and the guy who played Malcom X, is staggering.

AIDS is a reality and homophobia is a nasty truth that permeates our "United" States of America, as well as the rest of the world. At the time that this film was released (about 1993), the U.S. found solace in the idea that AIDS and homosexuality were dirty brothers in a distant family. By placing the film in the "City of Brotherly Love", hiring Bruce Springsteen to sing the title song and having an up-and-coming Tom Hanks star, director Jonathan Demme wisely readied an ignorant America for our first, uninhibited glance into the face of AIDS.

Tom Hanks embodied his role in an Oscar-worthy performance, allowing us to watch as his lovely and lively Andrew Beckett deteriorate before our eyes. Tom Hanks and the writers took to task the difficult and annoyingly controversial hurdle of playing the "gay" character and placing the "straight" audience into that different world. Stereotypes are mostly shied away from in the script with a few "fem" gays and drag queens. These scenes are few, but are also a reality. Many a Christmas party have I attended with the same crowd ("fems" and drag queens) in the mix. The other, mildly annoying, factor in this film is that the writers inform us that squeaky-clean gay Andrew Beckett contracts AIDS at a porn theater from an anonymous stranger, while in a committed relationship. This annoyed me because I wanted a righteous victim, not a impure victim. Yet as time has gone by and I have had the opportunity to work with many a victim of AIDS, whether be it male or female, gay or straight, I have seen that this too is an unfortunate reality. No one is perfect (gay or straight, male or female) and mistakes are often made. Costly mistakes are often made. This was a painful truth, but it is a truth nonetheless. In this, Tom Hanks as Mr. Beckett, brilliantly gave AIDS an honest face for a distant America.

Denzel Washington, on the other hand, allowed America to have a relatable character, one whose shoes we've fit in before. Denzel's views of homosexuality were (and still are) commonplace in the American psyche and his reactions to AIDS were understandable to the average audience. Yet all in all this dramatic film brought a message home.

Demme's directing style is nothing amazing; he tastefully weaves a tale without flashy shots or fancy cuts. At times the film borders on preachy, but, as always, it is Demme's story that grasps the audience, his mood that sets us into the tale, his actors and his direction of them that gives the film honesty. This film is highly recommended if not for the great acting but for lovers of a great story.

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Imdb rating: 7.5
Musician: Howard Shore
Running time: 125 min
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Stereo [English]
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