10,000 BC

Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown(1988)
Carmen Maura Pepa
Antonio Banderas Carlos
Julieta Serrano Lucía
María Barranco Candela
Rossy de Palma Marisa
Kiti Manver Paulina Morales
Guillermo Montesinos Taxista
Chus Lampreave Portera Testiga de Jehová
Eduardo Calvo Padre de Lucía (as Yayo Calvo)
Loles León Secretaria
Ángel de Andrés López Policía I (as Angel de Andrés-López)
Fernando Guillén Iván
Juan Lombardero Germán
José Antonio Navarro Policía II
Ana Leza Ana
Ambite Ambite
Mary González Madre Lucía
Lupe Barrado Secretaria Paulina
Joaquín Climent Policía I Spot
Chema Gil Policía II Spot
Gabriel Latorre Cura
Francisca Caballero Locutora TV
Carlos García Cambero Empleado averías (as Carlos Gambero)
Agustín Almodóvar Empleado Inmobiliaria
Tomás Corrales Basurero
Eva González Chica que baila
Carmen Espada Farmacéutica
Susana Miraño Clienta Enmascarada I
Paquita Fernández Clienta Enmascarada II
Federico G. Cambero Dependiente Farmacia (as Federico Gambero)
Gregorio Ros Médico (as Gregorio Ross)
Paco Virseda Mensajero
Imanol Uribe Marido
José Marco Padrino
Producer: Pedro Almodóvar
Writer: Pedro Almodóvar,Pedro Almodóvar
My brief review of the film
An interesting Spanish comedy, the film's humour is derived mostly from the events being so absurd. Some aspects are overly ridiculous, but it is still very entertaining stuff, executed in a lively manner with an appropriately fast pace and suitable music choices. It is constantly interesting on a visual level, with vibrant colours, creative camera angles, and a lot of framing and close-up shots. The action is a bit frantic and the plot is a little too convoluted, but the film maintains an almost fantasy-like atmosphere, in which it feels like anything is possible, and this quality makes it an enjoyable, unique watch. It is hard to say if Almodóvar is trying to say anything at all here, as there are some ideas raised about consequences that are not explored in much depth. Still, the originality of it all keeps it afloat, and it is certainly quite an unusual (in a positive sense) cinematic experience.

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Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 7.5
Musician: Bernardo Bonezzi
Running time: 90 min
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Stereo (spanish)
Everything else:
Original title: Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios
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