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Monsoon Wedding (2001)
"The Rain is coming... and so is the Family."
A stressed father, a bride-to-be with a secret, a smitten event planner, and relatives from around the world create much ado about the preparations for an arranged marriage in India.
Naseeruddin Shah Lalit Verma
Lillete Dubey Pimmi Verma
Shefali Shetty Ria Verma
Vijay Raaz Parabatlal Kanhaiyalal 'P.K.' Dubey
Tillotama Shome Alice
Vasundhara Das Aditi Verma
Parvin Dabas Hemant Rai
Kulbhushan Kharbanda C.L. Chadha
Kamini Khanna Shashi Chadha
Rajat Kapoor Tej Puri
Neha Dubey Ayesha Verma
Kemaya Kidwai Aliya Verma
Ishaan Nair Varun Verma
Randeep Hooda Rahul Chadha
Roshan Seth Mohan Rai
Soni Razdan Saroj Rai
Sameer Arya Vikram Mehta
Rahul Vohra Uday Verma
Natasha Rastogi Sona Verma
Vimla Bhushan Veena Verma
Ira Pandey Vijaya Puri
Dibyendu Bhattacharya Lottery
Deepak Kumar Bandhu Tameez-ud-din
Pankaj Jha Yadav
Mohini Mathur Old Mother
Sharda Desoares P.K.Dubey's mother (as Sharda Desohras)
Rumaan Kidwai Jibesh
Sahira Nair Vandana
Urvashi Nair Leena
Ram Kapur Shelly
Jas Arora Umang Chadha
Rajiv Gupta Cop 1
Shubro Bhattacharya Cop 2
Rajiv Suri Golfer (as Rajeev Suri)
Vikram Nair Golfer
Rajeev Bal Golfer
Raman Chawla Talk Show Panelist #1
Milan Moudgill Talk Show Panelist #2
Himani Dehlvi Talk Show Panelist #3
Nishi Singh Bhadli Dubbist
Neelu Khanna Talk Show Assistant
Motilal Khare Saree Salesman
Paritosh Sand Jai Chand
Ambar B. Capoor Photographer (as Ambar B Capoor)
Renuka Woman in the Rain
Inderjit B. Foxtrotting man
Reena Singh Foxtrotting Woman
Madan Bala Sindhu Featured Punjabi Singer
Rekha Featured Solo Singer
Nilambari Chintamani Tuppa Girl
Gita Chopra Tuppa Girl
Priya Chopra Tuppa Girl
Sabrina Dhawan Tuppa Girl
Rimlu Gyani Tuppa Girl
Mitva Krishen Tuppa Girl
Jyotsana Laroiya Tuppa Girl
Lavanya Prabhu Tuppa Girl
Veetu Mehta Tuppa Girl
Aparna Sarin Tuppa Girl
Chitvan Singh Tuppa Girl
Sonali Singh Tuppa Girl
Mira Nair Voice of Mrs Mehta (uncredited)
Producer: Caroline Baron,Mira Nair
Writer: Sabrina Dhawan
One of the most brilliant movies I've ever seen
Monsoon Wedding was perhaps one of the most brilliant films I have ever seen. It took me somewhere I'd never been, and by the time two hours were up, I felt at home.

A lot of the film's success was in the acting. Talented portrayals of deep complex characters who can make you laugh and cry in just minutes. I was amazed how easy it was to keep tabs on no less than 5 separate subplots without getting the characters mixed up or losing interest.

Another key to Monsoon Wedding's success was how the camera told as much story as the actors and dialogue. Lingering shots on a character who doesn't seem part of the action revealed so much more than dialogue could.

And the most amazing thing - this film was made in 30 days!! Couldn't believe it. Fantastic production values, mind, not like many other Indian movies I've seen. And down-to-earth realistic, not like Bollywood. Yes, there is singing and dancing, but in context, not every five minutes!

I don't have anything against Bollywood, but I'm glad to see that there is a higher standard of Indian film-making out there.

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User credit 1:1001 movies you must see before you die
User credit 2:987
Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 7.2
Musician: Mychael Danna
Running time: 114 min
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Stereo [English]
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